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The sub domain name and directory which is more suitable for the optimization

sub directory for the website optimization benefits the main points, the first is the URL keyword, another point is that the weights of the inheritance, the inheritance of course weight with sub directory depth, more close to the site with the purpose of.

domain name on the site optimization has the advantages of

sub domain: lanmu.xx贵族宝贝, he told the search engine, the subdomain with other independent separate, such as our common portal website, with the forum, and sub directory: xx贵族宝贝/lanmu, it represents a part of the domain but it still belongs to the xx贵族宝贝, the whole of this domain. Between the sub directory and sub domain difference is not particularly large, no one should be said to regulate the subdirectory or sub domain, but when users access the page, many people have the habit of bbs.xx贵族宝贝 said is the forum and xx贵族宝贝/bbs would be understood as a sub page. So we see a lot of time, when the big door in the division of content to a category of content to a sub domain.

For the shortcomings of

, a website and a number of pages or N, they were with the URL logo, our website optimization, just let these URL as much as possible to achieve a better ranking, do optimization knows that URL structure also has effect on the website optimization, then the sub domain with subdirectories which is more suitable for the optimization? Here we take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the domain name with sudden Directory:


made the website knows that if domain name contains the keyword or the Pinyin, which is of great help for the website optimization; secondly, the sub domain is another benefit to promote the collection, do the optimization of the people know that the search engine included the number of pages with the page number displayed is a bottleneck common, when the site included page number to a certain extent, the number of sites included will be constant in a range for a long period of time, in order to break this bottleneck, we need your site to search engine weight requirements, but it is difficult for ordinary small, but if we the use of sub domain name, you can easily break the bottleneck, because the search engine to sub domain is considered a separate site. To make an inappropriate analogy, if a business station is 20 thousand (assuming the bottleneck included); if you open a sub domain site, then included the bottleneck becomes 40 thousand, roughly is the truth.


sub domain website weight does not inherit the main domain, since it is regarded as a new independent site, then it is treated separately, that is to say your website domain optimization is very good, if you open a sub domain site, so the site will start optimization.

sub directory on the website optimization has the advantages of

website optimization sub domain

?The biggest drawback is that he is often


domain name and directory


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