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Network promotion trilogy a trash production enterprise

second, the mode of operation of the long tail keywords optimization and double station website.

these days, I produce trash in a corporate learning network promotion, network promotion this shock, a customer over said today, "whether I (fell in love with the sea) how to choose, finally will always be in your company’s website". As the customer said, a lot of words, in the love of Shanghai home is mostly related to their products ". This weight is not particularly high for a website is really not easy! The following is my analysis of the network to promote their Trilogy:

double site operation mode. They built two websites, ljt365贵族宝贝 and xxy365贵族宝贝 (the actual four site, mainly to maintain this two). These two sites are in front of the station optimization method for long tail keywords. This love Shanghai home often ranked in the top two are their website.


the Taiyuan (贵族宝贝taiyuanfan> square stone needle health

site long tail keywords optimization. Unlike many sites only focus on page optimization, they pay more attention to the long tail keywords to optimize the product page. Their approach is to find hundreds of long tail keywords, classification, search a large quantity of long tail keywords on the front, they are used to optimize the product page, search the long tail keywords less on the back, with their optimization of industry information and engineering cases, so the hundreds of thousands of the long tail keywords digest generally speaking, with the long tail keywords "can row in Shanghai love home even in the first row home page.

finally, the release of information products based on B2B platform. They concluded that through long-term, in the love of Shanghai home related trash information website can be divided into three categories, one is their own website, two other trash production enterprise website, three is the B2B platform website. To product filled love Shanghai home, then in the B2B platform to publish their own product information is a good choice, but also get a lot of quality chain. Through the release of information products in the platform, now a lot of long tail keywords search results as the customer said, no matter how the election, will invariably end into their website.


first, many enterprises do network promotion is the first choice of love Shanghai, so they also love Shanghai, which I will not say, everybody knows.

maybe a lot of enterprise website promotion personnel every day hard watching home page keywords ranking, with the chain release every day. But it ignores the long tail keywords are of great value, but did not think the use of "to do the chain competitors’sites squeeze down. The enterprise network promotion they do this trilogy.

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