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Love Shanghai to seize the mobile nternet mobile network alliance suspended high profit theme adver



new media research network |Discuz! News network May 27th May 27th morning 03:05 lovers see o receive love Shanghai alliance internal mail invitation, love Shanghai "mobile Web Alliance Cooperation" suspended topic links officially open beta registration. This means that Shanghai mobile network alliance love love Shanghai officially opened the door of wealth, once again confirms the love of Shanghai will enter the mobile Internet and mobile Internet to occupy the interests of high resolution.

advantage: promotion content is keywords, materials with high safety, good user experience. The new middle page form click rate is high, the topic link embedded income level is higher, the effect is more prominent in suspended form! The user clicks the words into the middle page, click again to generate revenue in the middle page after.

from the Shanghai love mobile web advertising style, billing and other advantages, the introduction of view, love Shanghai open mobile terminal service network, there is love in the wealth of Shanghai broaden the extension of the road. The Ipad cannot display the love Shanghai advertising network alliance advertising, then found this problem to solve the problem of love in Shanghai. Now the love of Shanghai again online mobile advertising network alliance, love Shanghai for the mobile terminal profit model has been opened.

love alliance internal mail said, "in order to satisfy the needs of members, rich promotion form, improve the liquidity level, love Shanghai" mobile Web Alliance Cooperation "to" suspended theme link style. As long as you have a mobile website after registration of their own, have the opportunity to participate in online, enjoy the priority of "suspended" link "to bring you the high quality

Style Introduction: bottom suspension banner, fixed 20:3 aspect ratio, size adaptive screen size. Theme links will display your web page and user behavior and a series of related keywords, the user clicks on each keyword will enter a related promotional content "(middle page).

According to the Shanghai

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