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How to prevent the homepage is love sea K

optimization including many things really. That is the website software things above, we come to talk about the hardware, to prevent the web page by K we need a stable server, best independent server but the cost is too high. For many people the choice of virtual host is very affordable, the HostEase host is good, it can not only use the coupon code HostEase 20% discount, the most important is its speed is very fast, it will not let our website because the space is not stable and is K. Come talk over optimization of keywords >

is the so-called "content is king", the main content of the website is the website of the us. Love the sea to our website and grab content, so, in the content of work definitely not doing. We in the content of the first step is to do correlation, also is our theme keywords and articles to the website, the title related. We can’t be in Shanghai Longfeng optimization promotion website to publish entertainment news articles; second, attention should be paid to the originality of this love is Shanghai most of the attention, there will be the original very headache, but things will be authentic by the love of spiders in Shanghai welcome. It is also very important, we should do a good job of frequency and time update. This many people are likely to ignore, a lot of content when prompted by a sudden impulse bursts, is not in the mood will not take care of it. This is not desirable, we must insist on a frequency to update the content, but also persist in the fixed time to update, because it can better attract the arrival of spider love Shanghai.


The webmaster

link is a key factor in our website to survive, to buy the black chain in Links do not the best, but also do not add a chain too fast, it will make love Shanghai mistakenly think you are cheating, is likely to be punished. In the station to do some proper within the chain is very necessary, this can increase the weight of our web site. Often the sites that are k are some of the weight is not high site, especially on our website in Shanghai received love review, we do the link of work is more important.

The content of


China must rely on the love in Shanghai this Chinese unified search engine, once it is angry, many webmaster we must suffer. Among them, especially their website is love sea K, often on the Internet to see people complaining about their station included reducing, and so on, all snapshot of stagnation, situation. This let me see the love of Shanghai is a temper, it’s changing in Shanghai love temper source algorithm, the algorithm may be no way to grasp, but for the purpose of love in Shanghai we are still very good grasp. Is K in the web page, there are still some experience in the earlier site on the front page was over K. Sometimes we will be imperceptibly by the love of Shanghai "on". But I believe that as long as we pay attention to in the following aspects will be very easy.


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