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Micro-blog released micro electricity supplier strategy launched micro-blog window products

July 7th, micro-blog released a micro business strategy in Beijing, announced the launch of micro-blog windows products, combined with ALI, micro sell partners and three party, to build interest oriented mobile social electricity supplier system. In the future, the vertical field of about 20000000 people can use micro-blog micro-blog publisher recommended products to achieve efficient connection between goods and consumers.

It is reported that in the

, micro-blog micro-blog windows products officially launched after the release of the interface will add goods entrance at micro-blog, micro-blog released by micro-blog Master can directly publish their recommended products, and add the recommended reason, stock and commodity links and other information, the user can in micro-blog or the collection of goods into the shopping cart, also can through the middle page buy without the need to jump to other applications. It is understood that the current commodity links must come from Tmall, Taobao and other key partners to sell third parties.

With the deepening of social platform

public life, its impact on consumer decision making is increasingly apparent. Micro-blog CEO Wang Gaofei said that social applications will become an important mobile era traffic entrance, while the traditional electricity supplier platform will still be the ruler of the era of mobile electricity supplier. Micro electricity supplier is one of the most important mobile social networking business model, micro-blog will jointly Ali, micro sell and other partners to build a mobile, personalized, social electricity supplier system.

as of the first quarter of this year, micro-blog monthly active users reached 198 million, of which the mobile terminal from the 86%. This will provide adequate flow of businesses and people, micro-blog relatively perfect product system is also expected to improve transaction efficiency.

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