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Shanghai dragon Er our way where



fell in love with the word Shanghai sea dragon, we can see the relevant search results 70200000, don’t say the word demand really so big, really need the Shanghai dragon and how many do, that we do this line of people should be aware that even if there is a need to target users will not use the word retrieval, as to be able to come back so the search results, you know, I know, Shanghai dragon er.

Shanghai dragon knows that this industry is not enough, you need to optimize ceaselessly, as long as you want to own the website ranking must do more than that, sometimes also love Shanghai’s face, he one day to K hundreds of thousands of stations perhaps, in the A5 forum tears love Shanghai and crazy people have you.

time is always better than we imagine ever faster, as do Shanghai Longfeng increasingly long time, the restless heart gradually subsided, sometimes always think I really want to do a lifetime of this industry? The latest in A5 Chinaz, the popular popularity forum always can see the stations of the word, said the long tail keywords through the station to occupy an industry ranking, after all, our personal ability is limited, so do it, for, yes, station group software ah, actually a little.

with the rapid increase of China’s Internet users, more and more enterprises have already put eyes on the line, Suning, Gome appliance giant, these traditional on the Internet has its own a space for one person. Small and medium-sized enterprises have gradually move closer to the side, according to iResearch data, the current number of small and medium-sized enterprises of our country is 41 million 530 thousand, which make the promotion of enterprises in Shanghai is less than 5%, and Shanghai dragon enterprise is less than 0.01%, if a single data come from this Shanghai Longfeng prospect is in doubt perhaps, there are more and more people see the market, have come into this industry, because this industry is very low threshold, do not ask you how high the level of programming, nor do you have constrained the establishment of the experience, but do not limit you have related working experience, as long as would you like to surf the Internet, typing can begin to learn from scratch, but do not know who to join the Shanghai dragon people have not thought about my way out of it, don’t say a lifetime that Shanghai dragon

remember some time ago Zac had his own blog title changed, please cherish life, away from the Shanghai dragon. To tell the truth just saw this sentence, he felt a bit thoughtless, feeling you are not pointing to the industry to eat, you have your own web hosting, you have your own network company, of course you would say, you don’t think we these bitter x Shanghai dragon Er, maybe you this sentence will make a lot of Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Er to lose confidence in the industry, the responsibility you afford

down?In fact, we do

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