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The chain included low should be how to adjust

three, outside the chain. Why do I say it? The chain information cry up wine and sell vinegar, is very common. As for the content of shoes, while the title is the collection. This kind of information is often not very poor, in. So, the relation of information, have significantly improved, really >

The quality of

according to the imagination, need is to improve the quality of the chain. Therefore, we need to seize this one of the more obvious root elements, to some of the weight of higher information publish information online. The weights of the information network is high, can be effectively collected. The premise is that the content of the chain, real change. Otherwise, it may not be included. Then, does not really need to pay attention to the user.

search engine of foreign chain so strict, so as to effectively improve the user experience. Not when users in the search for information, it is not related to the. Or, is a chain of skilled advertising. Make the law adjustment, the search engine is also a need to be determined. This is nothing more than the search engine ranking website, and then gradually out of the door. Thus, will greatly reduce the database itself. No new content added, will gradually lose the user. Thus, reduce the amount of daily visit.

chain for the emperor in the past have? The search engine, has grown, not excessive worry about the user. Recently, beginning in a certain range of the adjustment. Such as the love of Shanghai launched "chain" to judge a book, to show the effect immediately. Many of the sites outside the chain, suddenly a lot less. The resistance to the low quality of the chain, has been implemented effectively. Thus, greatly reduce the collection of the site outside the chain. So, how should adjust? Whether regular search engine how to adjust, the chain is still has the effect. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the chain, how to spend some time on it.

personal blog every day in the post about network promotion knowledge content. Therefore, to obtain the corresponding flow collection and search engine. Spend some time to write this article effectively. Thus, can be included in the search engine. In fact, the current search engine market, can be divided into three aspects as follows:

For example, The correlation between The

, a chain, is mainly aimed at the quality of the chain itself, whether it has some readability. The chain of information before the title and content, may be completely opposite. So, do not have to read a certain. Therefore, to improve the content of the chain, is not one to be slow. To the title and content to meet the reading needs, achieve a certain purpose;

The weights of the

two, released the chain. The chain is the weight of the high quality of the chain, can be included in a short period of time, the effectiveness of the. So, looking for high weight forum released effective content will be corresponding included. Then, the weight lifting of the site itself. With the vantage point is that web traffic will increase;


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