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Shanghai Longfeng Qiao rookie talk about how to promote the site

station AD, www.0359nk贵族宝贝. My website is now promoting the ranking is very good.

this is my analysis of a rookie Shanghai Longfeng daily data, but also to do every day, so I know how to start to promote the website, even if a webmaster do not know how to analyze the data analysis, the website promotion is groundless statement.


can let you know which words do optimization better, improve the love Shanghai rankings, bring benefits to the company.

The analysis of

analysis of 4. keyword access,

The analysis of



through the above we can see that the traffic fluctuation of this month is more frequent, but from the data in the table we can see that visits this month than last month reduced slightly this month page visits the peak in 1 to 20. But overall this month IP traffic seems more stable, basically maintained at 3~6 IP, the highest in 1 to 7. Strengthen the website optimization effect in the later stage, the site visits increased gradually.


graphs can be found in nearly 75% of the visitors are the first to enter the website home page for the relevant information from the website. There are more than 50% visitors return to the home page in view of relevant information of the product to exit the site, but does not exclude some of the visitors are not to continue browsing. In the web page show the need for further research, and pay attention to update the website information and other content, so that visitors interested in the page content, then browse.

From the comparison of two

3. search engine access, so you can clearly know what visitors through the search engine came in, so you can better do the bidding.

2. visitors to the period of time is also very important, he can tell you the exact time what do optimization is done, the most effective.

I was a rookie just contact Shanghai dragon, just begin to contact the Shanghai dragon abstruse. I always thought that Shanghai dragon is a very simple thing, but contact, I only know that he should have so many details to do. I talk about my understanding of the promotion.

5. visitors out of the site,

analysis of the data is very important for Shanghai dragon a will to do the work. This is every morning must do, because the data of a webmaster optimization is very important. Analysis of data from the start so I was from the. 1. website access

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