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Website promotion must understand several advanced search instructions

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?First, site Chinese name In fact, speaking of

the word Chinese called domain name, website promotion will not be unfamiliar, we usually use this to inquire about the website included, it can be said that this is the most frequently used, because the site promotion, the amount collected is very important.

with the development of network structure on information database is becoming more and more perfect, the major search sites in the network continuously for a space for one person. Then the face of so many search portals, most what should you do to make your website to attract more people to search for a website promotion personnel? After asking many people, Xiao Bian found that some can use the advanced search site is especially popular with users, so today in this this article is for the majority of users and website promotion team.

advanced search instructions, not a computer professional background estimates few understand, Xiaobian I don’t lie, yes, Xiao Bian did not understand all the instructions, seen in the small memory are complex English words. In fact, generally speaking, we usually use some advanced search tool search results and input advanced search instructions to search out exactly the same. Their difference is that one is able to get results directly, without the need for additional operations, and the other one is to input a command you can finish. So you do website promotion, should grasp the advanced search instructions must be

in use as long as behind it with the domain name on it, similar to the domain: domain, it has played an important role in some domain query. When using a command can search the index library general search engine, an anti chain is the result of the query domain name. According to this link we can successfully draw some information with our competition site, which is conducive to our development.

second, domain

I hope these instructions can help website promotion workers, also hope to be able to help more users, which can better do website promotion.

it is a string, literally the string is that we have to add your search text in the search can be screened out.

third, inurl

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