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The Shanghai dragon reverse thinking from Cao Cao bride

good talk, optimistic about the terrain, two people hide, single dark hands, the day that the black on black, after dark, two people came out and went to the owner of the wall of the house, first do not good, called a thief. Home one look out the thief, empty, Cao Cao saw the house nobody, he jumped into the room, directly to the people for the bride, hijacked, Yuan Shaoyi pulled out of two people were successful, happy, taking advantage of the dark road and began to run, originally with the heart panic, master home found on the chase, just behind the panic, the left run was lost, Yuan Shaoyi accidentally fell into a roadside thorns from thorns, autumn is very sharp barbs, it yuanshao hook a solid, Yuan Shaoshen shaped body fat, hard in that is, still can not get out, Yuan Shao in shouting: "Meng save me", Cao Cao here also carrying the bride! Look back to Yuan Shao move, once again to see soldiers how to do, the key moment Cao Cao make a fantastic opening This method, Cao Cao took the bride down no, back into the pursuers and cried: "here the thief here". Yuan Shao thought "Oh! You are brothers, so I play a critical moment". In desperation Yuan Shaoda roar, a constant, a jump out from the thorns, the clothes are pulled broken, Cao Cao did not explain without demur, seize the Yuan Shao and ran, with the help of the night, two people were able to escape.

people know that Cao Cao and Yuan Shao bride story, in history are particularly interesting, but also has a relationship with the Shanghai dragon, let us review the history, to look at the reverse thinking of Cao Cao. The Eastern Han Dynasty emperor Huan, autumn a lucky day, sunny city of Luoyang, in the southeast of the city intersection angle, to the bustling, beating drums and blowing trumpets, a bridal team, not far away in the back of the line, unnoticed, to the two young men, one after the other, the two men sneaking. Is the famous one called Yuan Shao, one named Cao Cao, the two young men, one thing to do today, shameful things, data recorded with Cao Cao, Shaoxiao when are good friends, good relations between the two, together with the game all day, this day Cao Cao and Yuan Shao together to eat enough to play, play enough, see enough, they were all day idle head itch, rubbing his hands in the street around and said what do do, look up, there is a wedding, the bride very much beautiful, the two young man suddenly decided to play a game, let’s launch, the bride to grab it, can not look into.

here is our focus today on

Cao Cao found in such an emergency, to pull pull Yuan Shao sure, maybe Yuan Shaoyi hard, put himself back in the critical moment, you must let him run out, as long as his desperate, he ran out. Cao Cao is the use of psychology a rule of the stress response to Yuan Shao to save out. Cao Cao is not according to the rules of the model.

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