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The ultimate weapon of the protracted war in Shanghai Dragon

I think this is mostly the grassroots webmaster resources are facing the root cause, I think most are powerless. In some time ago, the love of Shanghai "Web2.0 anti spam with Raiders" has made it clear that the forum signature is refers to the garbage outside the chain, the chain is not related to spam links, such as you do the sprinkler, you do wedding photography, you do GPS locator etc.. You went to Shanghai dragon forum link. This link is also calculated for the chain of garbage. If such spam links to a certain number will destroy your Shanghai dragon plan. But there are still many people do, because many people do not know where to send a link. In recent Admin5, to love Shanghai canceled the forum signature, a lot of people in regret and a few good external links publishing platform. I see, not what good regret, if you do not cancel or have a lot of people out there that do no harm to others hard.

third, no contacts

second, no


on the Internet for many years, the site was K, the hair is pulled out, fall right is often the case. Often worry, love Shanghai people often scold someone, I want to include myself sometimes always powerless, in the face of this year love Shanghai "Web2.0 strategy", "anti spam with pomegranate algorithm" and the recent "love" and a Haiyuan spark plan on-line algorithm. A gravity blow, we should how to deal with, we should how to do a qualified Shanghai dragon, if a evergreen tree in the Internet? Although love Shanghai always said don’t spam chain, don’t spam chain, but there are still many webmaster in this useless. Why do we work together to explore?.

method for this one, each person are not the same as before, ZAC has an article said: "you may use a method to make up, I use the same method to do the same." this tells us, for example, before some people because of the drainage and ranking make up, some people because of external links to bring up, and some people get good rankings because of the high quality is good, but this does not mean that. Others useful, have the same effect on us. If a method to have the effect, it is not easy to us these clever webmaster brothers, the hair of the chain can go to the original author’s address into their own articles, what we can not emulate, so the effect is not necessarily able to follow.

first, no resources

contacts this thing, have got the world, this does not have a saying called "shameless invincible". I gave him a call: "with contacts, invincible". I think this is well understood, nowadays the society has connections, it is much easier to succeed. Such as: Liu Huanbin Shanghai dragon VIP tactics, and square dance are mentioned in the case of the chain operation strategy.

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