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The so-called Shanghai dragon training circle

my Shanghai Dragon technology is all self-taught, beginning from the network to collect data, put all sorts of things together ism. At that time I always felt that it is not enough, there is no complete system can be regarded as one of Shanghai dragon Er, there is no system, it is not comprehensive. So I went out to the authority of a so-called Shanghai dragon training institutions. Second day I left the training institutions. And let them return my tuition to me. A training teacher written title tags are not know. I asked him what is how to achieve a 301 redirect, why should the 301 redirect, what good is he, but he said he knew.

for a long time, always want to write these things, but has been considered the malicious attack and slander counterparts, didn’t dare to write these things. Since yesterday and a Shanghai dragon training teacher dialogue, I feel I need to say this.

I was engaged in 11 years of Shanghai dragon, at the beginning, respect and mystery and I like you with endless on the Shanghai dragon. I started to get from Shanghai dragon start bidding. I was bidding operation. Later in the bidding process, gradually found more and no market, why? I’m not saying that price is not good, I can still do the bidding has been felt. In the bidding process, I gradually found my advertising more than brought me the goal of customer service. The first time I put a target at a price of products, beginning with good effect, brought a lot of target customer service. Later the situation right, more and more people do, you don’t have to do the natural. You are not what benefits. Personally feel that the auction is only suitable for those profits products, quick way of fighting. The year of exit China nobility baby, operation noble baby Adwords apparently find more and more advertising content page, search interface brings the target customer service is less and less, we all know that the main source of bidding on the search page! Bid core all let me move on to Shanghai on the promotion of love. Have to admit that the baby is absolutely China noble exit is a heavy disaster every webmaster.

in the day of the promotion, I always admire those first page don’t do advertising but always can row in front of Shanghai and the noble love baby. In fact, I also know they are on the optimization of Shanghai dragon. And I worship Shanghai dragon Er are those so-called. They feel good, they must learn to be. Then their advertising investment is more and more big, forced me to Shanghai dragon road. So I checked the Internet, even Taobao bought some Shanghai dragon tutorial, I spent a long time to study a little knowledge about it. As I learned the basic structure and website website, some aspects of the programming language (and I am learning to), so just a contact that Shanghai dragon is very simple, really not what.

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