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The spark plan after the implementation, how to increase the number included love Shanghai



by the author in recent days of Web log, found that the spider crawling is not reduced, just crawl page are mostly long before the page, and not included, recently updated website articles not included crawling. In order to guide the spider crawling, the solution is: will the recent URL and the daily updated by a single URL love Shanghai webmaster tools to submit channel submitted to love Shanghai.

now love Shanghai more and more attention to the content of the original website, June 20th love Shanghai original spark program launched, is one of the most original owners of the gospel, is also pseudo original or directly copy the article webmaster nightmare, I also send the plan to apply to participate in the mail, then talk about the recent love is how to recover the number included in Shanghai included after the fall.

Analysis of

down the causes included down:

advance is the following July 5th, the website included, the number is 231, 6, 7, the rest 8 came back suddenly found the website dropped to 217. but I think that is the occasional update algorithm, volatility, at that time did not care too much, but 4 days later I found your website is down again 215, although the decline but less to the wake-up call, because the site included absolute decline for a reason.


after three days, the number of sites included still did not increase, I began to wonder whether other aspects of the problem, then it is a final inspection, found problems in the site map, general site map will have a modified frequency, but in general in the setting of the site map not too much attention, most of them are the default aways (updated frequently), but in fact, in addition to some large portal sites, many webmaster website are not updated frequently, usually on a daily basis, some pages even is not updated, so all the pages are set to aways will make the search engine that is a deception, reduce the trust in the site, because the site is a Hot pot joined the website, all the pages change frequency is not the same, so.

first, I found in the query included love Shanghai, site of the list of articles, some articles under the heading date, some did not, I realized that may apply before the original spark plan into effect, this may be the site before the copy of the many reasons of lower quality (the author just enter the company a month), now the quality has been up. Why are included in the site is still not good.



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