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How to use phpcms to do a B2B business system website

B2B I focus on websites is not too early, only pay attention to it in 2007, but also because of Ma, Li Lei, Zhang Zhaoyang etc. we have come to Zhejiang Jinhua city to participate in the network forum meeting, listen to the speech report really care about it.

yes, Web2.0 era of HTML like, on the human like, for the convenience of a simple comparison, this is the most acceptable and most favorite Internet users. Since the convenience of the network created Ma Yun’s Taobao and B2B, then I heard its report after the start of their own writing a B2B. Unfortunately, I had spent a month to write out a ASP+ACC database, I am free online after about half a reaction ACC database over 500M response speed is not as fast empty library. Yes, this point in the development of that, but I was not installed on the computer MSSQL so I think, can use php+mysql to develop? But I don’t know about PHP, do not understand the instructions on the MySQL database, no way to work, the time course of learning new stuff not much, had been lost in the side.

2009 in Xinjiang, a netizen in the use of my asp+acc B2B after adding my QQ asked me, can not develop a PHP, and re ignited the dream of my heart. So I searched the Internet for a while, see the free and open source PHP has friends of the B2B it is developed with php+mysql, do a good job. Function is also very neat, a little bit of restrictions are not really free. Another PHP’s B2B author can not be flattered, the software is only a test version has issued a restriction to " lure " countless users for its test, but the other is selling 5000 yuan a set. The result can be imagined that the webmaster of numerous websites became its ash in the end to get only the back door B2B. Network is the greatest share, yesterday I sold 5000 yuan a set of B2B author forum to see someone mention a PHP with phpcms to improve the B2B. Yes,


so I immediately downloaded the SP2 version of the GBK Phpcms2008 file. On my Linux server started a little bit to operate. I found phpcms’s yellow pages is really good, choose it.

I first in the background to revise the business yellow pages called commodities supply and demand, and then one by one according to the phpcms sales, second-hand goods, personnel, release. Through the MYSQL to find the list and the appropriate folder corresponding to the front end. In fact, there is no technical content, you can also modify, all in the background of the text. I have now modified, and put it in my friend’s Jinhua talent network server, I need to do some testing.

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