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Three of the limitations of current domestic interpretation of the rebate network in the development

profit margins further reduced

in the domestic electricity supplier tide, rebate network can be said to have also developed rash and too much in haste. Although no rebate network business tycoon, Tmall, Jingdong, the Soviet Union and the United States and other generous marketing mode, there is no twin brother group purchase attractive price, but from the 06 years of the first batch of the rebate network in the domestic rise, profits and achieve the steady development of the rebate network step by step. But the development must have certain limitations, the current model is the rebate network is facing many problems. These problems are not solved in time, will cause influence on the development of the rebate network, the author will analysis the limitations of the three paodingjieniu.

as everyone knows, the rebate network operation mode is with other business platform, which plays a role similar to the intermediary, the target user guide to other electronic business platform for consumption, thus obtained a commission. Although this model only requires the rebate website play as a flow guiding role, but can not deny the rebate network operators rely heavily on other business platform. The website needs to negotiate with other business platform, get enough profit space, so we can use the rebate website cheap, flash sale etc. as possible to capture consumers, if the cooperative business platform for the price refused to compromise, then the rebate network station development is said of an aged person.


user aesthetic fatigue, single mode, low

holiday promotion mode of marketing mode, consumers have Shenmeipilao, rebate network model is obviously very difficult as in the past to attract consumers. At the same time the complaint and increased selling phenomenon emerge in an endless stream also makes the rebate website, consumer loyalty is greatly reduced. At the same time, we can also see the rebate network business platform competition since this year is fierce, Tmall Electric City 200 million yuan, and 300 million yuan each new dangdang贵族宝贝, Jingdong 500 million yuan, suning贵族宝贝 and Gome online mall were thrown 2 billion yuan promotional resources. In May, six business tycoon has announced to hit 5 billion 300 million yuan, large-scale price war triggered at any moment. The price is no longer a big advantage of the rebate network, since the rebate network no price advantage, then consumers on what your site consumption. This is not only the rebate network in a single mode.

rebate network is too dependent on other platforms

user loyaltyWith the development of group purchase mode,

according to the relevant data show that in the first half of 2012, the electricity supplier industry increase the overall cost of sales including logistics, procure 15%, the staff wages and housing rental costs, which reduced the cooperation business platform for preferential rebate site space in virtually, when the electricity supplier cooperation platform to improve after a few months, then the rebate platform cannot with the most affordable prices to attract more consumers to join the new and old customers, the viscosity, and at the same time, the domestic electricity giant price war has been compressed with.

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