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Conversion from cancellation and recovery official website program of the forum to talk about the wi

two, the original forum link redirection, let you not find a quiz page, but there were two problems: one is to redirect 302 instead of 301; two is the original all forum page all redirect to the question answering system home page, not the content page is redirected to the questions and answers the new page, which many find the answer from the search engine users still can not find the answer, see Figure 1 and figure two, data from the HTTP Webmaster Tools query, and site forum domain name, found by Baidu forum page disappeared, noble baby still.



, a question answering system function and user experience than the original official for Discuz! NT forum, I have searched for related questions, also is the original post, the matching is not accurate, basically can not find, some of the original top tutorial didn’t get now, do not know where to go, because the operation is not convenient I believe, the original number often answer the question the answer will be reduced.



All Figure two

also found browsing forum January 2013 enter the domain name after the jump to the new page, was surprised, a careful look at the original list of asklist.aspx Q & a jump to the official website of the wind, the first reaction is also a contraction of business, but then I think this style with his official revision of the new version of dotnetcms, may also be part of to promote the function of this version, because there is no exchange in the official group, the real reason is unknown.

page source Title

quiz page title is "Q", the lack of consideration of Shanghai dragon

from the above analysis we can think the business adjustment is not successful, a lot of friends in the proposal, the official also acknowledged the problem, has now resumed the official forum, but this "toss" effect should be small, either from search engines or the user level. "

registered in the forum from 2004 to foosun foosun, cms4.0 launched version 4 and version 5 and later became the moderator, has been keeping at work in the forum for free users to answer the habits related problems.


here to talk about my views on the conversion.

three, ask the page title as "Q", no unified Shanghai dragon concept, also may be due to label problems, page source code is not neat, produce unnecessary line, such as title.

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