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Check the weight of too much love Shanghai website the letter which we

should now to tell you so many webmaster tools we should believe which tool the weight of this concept is love love Shanghai station first proposed, as seemingly authoritative. Chinaz is the most famous webmaster tools. Bole webmaster tools is the bright younger generation, in the face of this situation we should listen to the who. In fact, do Shanghai Longfeng veterans who are very aware that it is not love Shanghai’s credibility, there is no guarantee. That love can only deceive Shanghai weight portal Shanghai dragon er. A lot of Shanghai Longfeng master alone love Shanghai weight this official things, even Google PR value is not the letter.




love Shanghai weight pushed out for a long time, I believe everyone will go to check your site weight of love Shanghai. I am also the same, but today suddenly see their website love Shanghai weight rose from 3 to 4 (with Chinaz webmaster tools search). I think the webmaster tools to check up, I want to use other webmaster tools to check to see if the results, with two other webmaster tools also checked, a love station, another is Bole webmaster tools, check out the results that I was awful. The original webmaster tools have so much difference. We can look at the pictures

everyone can see, 4 is the Chinaz love Shanghai weight, love stand is 3, the bole webmaster tools is 0. After I saw this kind of situation for the webmaster are depressed, so much love in Shanghai can check the weights of the website, in the end we should believe that the webmaster tools of value. Then think about this stuff is not love the sea, the webmaster tools have their own algorithm, so the weights of different tools to check out the value is not the same as completely can think through.


can refer to this thing love Shanghai weight is not strong, but one thing is worthy of praise, it is now provides keyword ranking. We all know that the webmaster tools calculation love Shanghai weight method are used to calculate the site traffic. Some key words ranking so they will be listed on our website, but it is not accurate or timely. So sometimes we don’t know our web site keywords ranking, this time we can find some websites that we don’t know the ranking of keywords. Of course, you can also say that also can be found in traffic statistics. But I want to say is a more important point is to check the site keywords competitors ranked the great significance, can better understand the competitors and mining.

finally, whether regular Google PR value or scattered love Shanghai weight, all the clouds. Back to love Shanghai weight of the mind, we would like to know your site weight is not actually love Shanghai, want to see.

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