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How to quickly restore the original web site in the search engine ranking

algorithm is adjusted to provide a better user experience for users to search engine optimization, but also on some sites suspected of cheating shuffling process. The best content is displayed to the user, as a search engine should shoulder the social responsibility, banned illegal sites is also very necessary, regular website victimizes may not avoid some time. If the regular site is down right, the original ranking lost to sit the following can sit fast recovery.

ER as the Shanghai dragon every day to observe the search engine algorithm, there is often a small update and large algorithm adjustment, is a great impact on many web sites. Light is website ranking disappear, while the whole station to be plucked. The training of the hard site lost the original ranking after the old traffic ceased to exist. As the Shanghai dragon Er should not only can make a website can quickly ranked activities also need to solve problems quickly when problems arise. When punishment and adjustment algorithm to quickly recover web site in the search engine rankings.


chain. The link is king, not only outside the chain, today to separate the chain and chain, about the chain. In Shanghai you will find the Baidu search Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon guide get a good ranking in the home page, but many people did not find this website, more than 30 thousand backlinks, are independent website, high quality. So this site can get good rankings should be. Shanghai Longfeng every day is not to increase the reverse link site also need to be able to increase quality backlinks. Don’t try to increase the reverse link forum. Not much, but fine. Add links some news source website content and high quality in the reverse link is down right after. You can also quickly restore web site ranking. Not recommended to love Shanghai and know that Wikipedia index spiders, because they are Shanghai red dragon.

increased the quality of Links. Usually the site was not down the right and Links have a great relationship. First of all to avoid exchange Links and edge ball website and medical website. Regular review your website link, whether the site snapshot is not normal, Links website and server reduce unstable situation. The weight Links website to peer. The site in question as soon as possible to delete and add some than their own web site is included, snapshots, included the amount of a good website. Links exchange.

increase the content of the web site update frequency. Every day the work should be to update the website, you can also give the editors to complete the update task. If the content is included to reduce the problem, first to check whether the responsible editor of the website. The website should have the original + + for the original reproduced in order to get a better ranking, but most of the articles reproduced accounted for about 10%, after the site is down right, with original content, increase in the chain, let search engines know that you have been in a new website. Do all of the above website can restore the original ranking in a short period of time. But in the recovery.

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