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Fix the chain easy to use insect insect Marketing Assistant

With the best website keywords website

blog will attach great importance to the quality rather than the number of your blog should be within your range of experience, do not blindly seek more and more, there is no way to deal with.

webmaster friends all know, the chain for the website weight and ranking is very large. If the site outside the chain is very extensive, it not only can easily increase the weight and ranking website, and can make a number of website search engine website was greatly increased. Then the new friends such as the use of insect insect Marketing Assistant to the construction of the chain? Let Chong tell you

needs a blog, blog the chain is a long process, not the short term can see the effect. The first stage blog needs a month to cultivate a half, this time out of the internal meaningful is not the nature of advertisement article, can not take the link, the best is popular with the industry.

1, using insect Soft blog name, method of operation can be set directly in the C.j item.

two, the chain blog

Shanghai dragon!

station is just on the line, want to get outside the chain of high quality is a very difficult, especially for friends of the chain, because of low weight, no one is willing to exchange links with just the website. We don’t have an eager to exchange links with other people at the railway station, do some outside the chain, the first increase since the website weight height. A better method in the chain in the blog the chain is an excellent path. In the blog and chain, the first thing to do is to choose the right blogging platform. Chong Shanghai dragon had tried to compare love for Google, Alibaba NetEase and blog, to love for the sea love love Shanghai Sina blog and blog a little, because this is not the same in different search engines use the best website blog platform, as in "let the data. A blog really useless?" article in detail please solution. But in the blog and chain needs to pay attention to the following points:


there is no doubt that friendship links except outside links to purchase the best links form (of course does not cover the chain black chain the wrong door). We do friendship link time should also pay attention to some methods and techniques, so the ability to play its due effect of friendship link. First of all we want to know is the exchange of friendship link target: 1, increase PR; 2, increase keyword ranking, this is also the main target; 3, increase website weight, only a clear exchange friendship link target ability as the next step of optimization. Said the chain benefits, how to how to operate the worm? Operation method, to set up a chain of the URL of the right click on the extended function set chain or signature. Such a chain is set, the premise is that you must optimize the key and set good keywords in the management.

, a chain of


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