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Duplicate content how to influence the Shanghai dragon search engine optimization

When a

page references to other web content, some content will inevitably repeat on the page.

not punishment is not equal to love. The search engine doesn’t love "duplicate content. The reason is: the search engine that Query Deserves Diversity (QDD), should give a user search results of SERP diversity. Duplicate page content is the same answer to give users the search query to the search engine, is different. The content is roughly the same. So the search engine will only from the same answer extracting a URL into the best ranking search results page, the other answer is the same screen go. The screen go results are often mistaken for search engine punishment.

shop will be repeated many times, for example: the same product appears in the product page and product classification under the product page. As long as URL. Different search engines as different pages.

generally only when the site is copying the contents of a large number of other web sites and users of every single word or phrase has no value and the goal is to control the Shanghai dragon ranking, the search engine will be cited.

more common example is the same website support encryption connection HTTPS and non encrypted connection HTTP, because HTTP and HTTPS are as different search engines. So, also as duplicate content.

search engine punishment

search engine is not punished to duplicate content ". The so-called punishment refers to the search engine company will take the page from the index database, the user can not find the search result page from any search query. Further, the search engine company will all pages of the site out of the index database when the website is punished, that search users are unlikely to find any page of the site from any search query. Search engine page or website involving manipulated improper search rankings and web page should be ranked as down also is generally regarded as the search engine punishment.

first Internet world is filled with many duplicate content responsibility. Some duplicate content 20% – 30% of said. For example:

Internet duplicate content is the norm

of the so-called "duplicate content" Duplicated Content how to affect the optimization of Shanghai dragon many times misunderstood. Some people say that will cause the search engine punishment. What is the search engine punishment also have a lot of misunderstanding. Recently, a customer asked Hai Yao Shanghai dragon Xiao Bian: want to "use CSS to set a different desktop and mobile phone layout layout, the need to repeat the same paragraph, whether due to repeated content and search engine punishment.

What is the

is another example: when Donald Trump won to become president of the United States, it can be directly copied from reference multimedia official biography.

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