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Butterfly action salon held soon, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform fully supports the new website

four things: the award-winning site share content operators, mobile, web technology and other aspects of dry cargo

one point: love Shanghai how to look for new and new sites included the construction of the website, a good plan.



supervisor engineer will grab included from the site itself, before the chain attribute, similar pattern, user data analysis such as the new station to be included

when the mobile user in the mobile phone by a search result, in addition to meet the demand of the search results, search results, page loading speed, page browsing experience with mobile terminal adapter and other factors, will affect the mobile user experience satisfaction, we will be referred to as mobile friendly. In this salon, we will on the content of the first release of

Webmaster Platform butterfly mobile online event review: after 3 months of game competition, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform from more than 3000 registration website selected 80 finalists final. And the last is different, the game of love Shanghai more attention to websites in the mobile terminal construction, at the same time, the comprehensive evaluation of search engine for website content quality, user experience, user voting and other selected awards.

five things: love Shanghai invited Shanghai dragon master site visits "comment" diagnosis of various sites in Shanghai and gives the advantages and disadvantages of Longfeng professional diagnosis report.

AppLink (search point three: transfer from APP products) the contents of

love Shanghai AppLink is a comprehensive solution for mobile Internet App content and Html5 content of the seamless open. Customers love Shanghai AppLink services through access, to achieve let users love Shanghai by clicking on the search results, tone has been installed in the user equipment App, and enter the contents of the corresponding interface. Polished for a period of time, the product is what is the latest? And can stand and produce what kind of spark?

unique Cheats! better!

Multiple angle

two things: the year-end Mobile friendly (love Shanghai mobile friendly guide) published notice of

"Internet plus", "mobile", "enterprise" the words in this year we have for having heard it many times. This group of Internet entrepreneurs have been pushed to the position of Shanghai in November 17, 2015 in the teeth of the storm, love Webmaster Platform invited dozens of new sites, together to explore how talent shows itself in the waves of entrepreneurs, get more resources to support the love of Shanghai.

we invited to the new site within 2 years of the more successful "all decoration" and "network" to share a curiosity Daily: content operators, mobile site experience, Shanghai Longfeng experience and the owners are most concerned about how in the period of time the amount of users on the

in the butterfly action salon, there are several things:


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