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Analysis of 48 hours into the love Shanghai top three advertising


ranking principle may not be what we know, but from some small ways we can guess, such as our site PV, users of the residence time and so on, the author thinks that these parameters will affect the actual site’s ranking. The search engine ranking criterion is user friendly experience, is to think of it, if you go on site users to leave off, this site does not have a search engine may favor to get good rankings.

we love Shanghai regardless of what the policies will be to stop this kind of informal means, only we see this ad on the list is the site to brush the love Shanghai top two page, we can see that there is still of great significance in Shanghai dragon. Why is not the first ten pages, you can brush the top twenty pages? The reason is very simple, the so-called 48 hours before the three Shanghai brush to love just finishing it, the real operation site still need to keep Shanghai >

So if there are How to operate

users have good experiences can affect the ranking, so we enhance the user experience of the site has good rankings can. Regular users have a good experience of ascension is to optimize the station outside the station. If the use of black hat means is simulated by the artificial search, and then click on your own website, to enhance the value of PV. At present, Shanghai love algorithm and recognition is not very good this means. So the author for these so-called 48 hours before the three Shanghai love is achieved by this method.

Since we know that

since we know that this method can improve the site’s ranking. So these people want to do? If we use a computer with a IP brush it to any horse will not have effect. So how to implement these people? Some people may think that just as in the past, Taobao reputation brush form a group, then a member of each brush can be, but this requires a strong ability of management, personal feeling is not very practical. The author believes that it is possible to make hundreds of people to install the software, then hang up each brush, this is the highest probability and feasibility. Of course, is a personal view.

We love Shanghai


recently, careful friends may find a few big Adsense online there are 48 hours of love Shanghai before three ad. Really more ads said so cattle. Can 48 hours into the top three, has done the optimization of people should know, optimization is a time-consuming work, 48 hours does sound bit? So it really can be in such a short time to the top three? The author’s view is that since dare to advertise in A5, as shown below, then it should be not what false advertising, and how to realize that a few of his own analysis of the author to share. First we need to love Shanghai ranked principle analysis.

Shanghai dragon

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