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360 search and love will split the search engine market in Shanghai


3, master of psychological. Believe that the webmaster have more or less have been punished love Shanghai experience, the station is never included, to be right down, to be K, to be the sandbox, then back to the station, and by K, finally finally touched some rules of love in Shanghai, to make their stand the survival and development. No way, is the so-called "I love Shanghai over a thousand times, I love Shanghai as first love", not the kind of cockroach spirit, it is difficult for you to do the site’s ranking will. Several recent update, even the Shanghai dragon leader figure Wang Tong et al. Websites are K, direct let some friends engaged in network promotion of direct unemployment, but did not get what enhance user experience. Shanghai love strategy is obvious, "part of the webmaster do Shanghai dragon directly kill", but in the end there is no way, we still see the love of Shanghai tune, 360, was rescued as I a webmaster of anguish and sadness, almost more than 90% of all positive for 360.

360 launched a search engine, has always been the webmaster attention. Today the author analyzes from the neutral point of view, 360 why will love Shanghai and split the world:

2 days, being with people. 360 the predecessor was born 3721, many people put this dubbed the 360 Qihoo style of "3721 no matter", it is such a strong corporate culture, so that every time the 360 moves are not the same, will make the opponent measures less difficult to deal with. The launch of antivirus software, antivirus integrity of a single large and almost monopolized the market when Chinese, rescued the soft users paying for costly antivirus software costs distress. 360 enter the search engine before and after repeated consideration, because Tencent, Google, Youdao, will be the biggest name last only accounted for about 15% of the market, there have been 360 technology based search engine, despite its technology level, but before the rumors, the 360 Shanghai people dig love is true, love Shanghai once on the staff statement "who dares to quit the court see, visible, 360 technology is ready for strength.


1, user psychology. Since 360 security guards, all subsequent anti-virus software, security manager, security browser, believe that every webmaster at least one of the software, 360 is the first launch of antivirus software, antivirus software giant China was "rising" headache, 360 free mode and no less than the "rising" antivirus capabilities, to quickly seize the China antivirus software market. With the rising price of a falling pattern, until the last free mode, can be said to be 360 to join rebels, Kingsoft, Jiangmin antivirus mention, finally almost all free, but 360 of the user experience and security, has been firmly won the recognition of consumers. Each section of the software 360, can be said to be from the angle of the user experience to design the "free" is his killer, is he keeping market security.

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