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Fake milk channel chaos electricity supplier channels into the biggest suspect

[Abstract] a wide range of sources of milk powder, brand miscellaneous, cross-border electricity supplier fragmentation, to bring great challenges to the regulation.

sparked a thousand waves, the recent fake milk powder case of the whole milk powder industry, due to the health problems related to infants and young children, from the government, associations and enterprises, such as various levels have been declared". Abbott and Beingmate has released a statement to clarify, only in the formal channels of purchase of infant formula milk powder is genuine, in April 6th, the State Food Safety Office also held an emergency press conference informed the matter.


is still unsolved problem, which channel is genuine purchase channels? A jar of milk from production to circulation process, provides a link for what loopholes illegal counterfeiters? Behind the fake milk powder case reflects the problems of supervision of dairy channel system is not strict, the major milk prices traceability system also to improve and promote.

tracking fake milk case progress

recently, Abbott, Beingmate and other brands of fake milk powder case hot the milk industry, involving fake milk powder packaging production enterprises, label printing workshops and dens and rental manufacturing sites have been seized by law, illegal dealers of counterfeit milk the next step will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

As of

last year in the report at present, fake milk Abbott and subsequent found Beingmate two companies have made a statement on the case. Beingmate said, "the State Food Safety Office in April 9th reported further news of fake milk powder case, the suspects purchased on the market sales of the normal carton" Beingmate "brand of infant formula milk powder, a fake" Beingmate "1000g gold love + domestic infant formula milk powder tank to Henan, Anhui province two. Our company has set up a special working group for two provinces, and actively cooperate with the local regulatory authorities to check the market."

at the same time, Abbott said in a statement, in addition to Jiaxing parent infant products, the fake events did not involve other maternal and child class Abbott nutrition products. In its sales network, especially in Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, Hubei, after a thorough investigation, as of now have not found counterfeit related products.

Chief operating officer Wang Ziheng

North Ocean FMCG brand marketing planning agency to accept the "China Times" reporter said, through the case of fake milk powder interests chain, involving many not to be divulged the unspoken rule. Because of the need for printing and packaging printing, packaging and printing business to undertake the business needs of the brand name of the licensing procedures. The printing unit is also clear that there is no authorization to print these things is to bear legal responsibility. "The reason they dare to rush into danger is higher than normal level of the industry several times excess returns."

this is a case, does not represent the general situation of the industry." China Dairy Association Secretary General Gu Jicheng in the China Times reporter interviewed this evaluation.

electricity supplier channels into the biggest suspect

it is interesting to note that although the companies and the food and drug administration are in urgent notification of fake milk >

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