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Click on the method of Shanghai dragon website promotion

website optimization ranking in the optimization of the worries, many webmaster looking forward to love Shanghai update, but worried that the update brings panic. Then, the optimization of the website ranking from the click rate, one might think the site click rate and optimization do not have much relationship with the ranking, also do not touch. This statement, in the end can not be recognized? Think of a good website, whether new or old station, the clicking rate is good. So, how can we better handle the clicking rate problem?

good website hits, is we need to learn to use the resources around, with friends and colleagues around each other and click on the share, because if we hope for potential customers to often click share is not realistic. You can click and contrast with each other, we feel that the share under the effects of the accumulation of such a relationship can have long on the site.

however, when you do this, it is best not to look forward to get results, because these are accumulated to come, it will erupt in a certain time. Although love Shanghai algorithm is relatively strict, but also can have little fraud, we can in the website traffic is not a lot of time, daily click and share unit should not be too much, generally every day each ten points, five of the share. If you can persist for a long time it is very easy to be aware of the search engine. The above methods play a role not only on these traction, the best means to improve website ranking.

site optimization ranking is a long road, in this way, if you will only follow, will not receive very good results. However, if you can find the problem in the work, and be good at summing up the method, when a method can not achieve the purpose, you can choose another way. In the course of time, for the website optimization ranking will help play a role.

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