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China Shanghai dragon believe it anyway

after entering the Shanghai dragon industry of Shanghai began to understand love and understanding, he understood this habit, this is Shanghai dragon can not change, can only adapt to the. First saw the rookie Shanghai dragon forum zhidingtie signature: "Shanghai dragon no secrets, no advanced technology, Shanghai dragon you only need to persevere perseverance. Remember: to own success often is not knowledge, is the spirit! If you always find excuses for yourself, it had to let the success of delay. Execution, just today! ", these words let me be touched very, execution is better than knowledge itself, this is absolutely the core of Shanghai dragon er’s success, I have also seen Zac predecessors share some of Shanghai Longfeng experience, when the interviewer asked him to share the experience out of fear to imitate? His answer is that there are 1% people can do good. These are illustrated by an implementation of the problem, can absorb knowledge, experience can learn, and can maintain long-term execution so Shanghai dragon itself has been successful in half. >

the current domestic main stream keyword search engine is love Shanghai, love Shanghai as we all know, this is really a love hate thing. Love is because he is almost occupied the domestic market more than 85% of the search engine Chinese search users, every day can bring a lot of traffic to the webmaster, let Shanghai Longfeng in love here in Shanghai showed its maximum value; and his hate is changeable, even with the correct white hat optimization techniques persist for a long time, may search Title three days a small change, a big change on Monday, most of the time, this made Shanghai Longfeng Er unable to supervisor, unable to see his own future, let Shanghai dragon struggling to cope with the subject to changing moods, this is the main reason to hate him.

Shanghai dragon industry build on the search engine, but can not be divorced from the actual user, this is the core idea, can understand search engine must be the master station of Shanghai dragon, do make money; if not from users, pay attention to the experience, it is made towards the brand network station road ahead, Shanghai will use the Dragon your site is not impossible to become the industry leader, Shanghai dragon industry has many such website precedent.

I actually contact the Shanghai dragon very early, a few years ago the concept, seen a lot of Google search engine engineer asked, at the time of this technology very worship, and always concerned, this is a good few years ago. From the beginning of Shanghai dragon to contact this process now, although I am not the optimization of occupation personnel, but witnessed a lot of grassroots Adsense search optimization start empty-handed engine technology, also witnessed a lot of young people to join the Shanghai cause finally ended grass grass dragon. Even now, there are a lot of Shanghai Longfeng do ZhengZhan optimization lackluster friends finally had to engage in simple various specialist, as well as in a variety of platforms including QQ, the only information network promotion, a lot is known as Shanghai Longfeng friends by such professional living. I feel a lot of my heart.

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