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Do enterprise stand for flow optimization improve the conversion rate of higher prices

: a focus on the user experience of the construction of

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two: the promotion of pinpoint the user group

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what kind of website has a high conversion rate in >?

often have such sites, the ranking is very high, however, when users click on the need to look at some of the things, but got confused. Is not a false original is omnipresent advertising, drag in all sorts of irrelevant matters, how can such optimized website what effect? Some money may pop earnings in a number of years ago can be earned, but now rely on such words, but also bad key words with traffic. Of course, in which most of the construction site or main management contents, such as: a few days ago binary analysis of a site construction company, has a good ranking in the country, but the "website construction experience and information programs in addition to the title, but be startled at, other content read read impassability, even some strange symbols with them. Undoubtedly, the station using the pseudo original tools to guide the search engine to pseudo original approval. However, if a customer see these content, what will be the expression? Loaded mesh tongue, believe that this list also gone to waste. So the content updates, it should be based on the user experience and trigger, not even win the search engine is not have the order reversed be no record of rankings.

enterprise station optimization to improve the ranking, promote the flow of?? no, optimize the site’s purpose is to improve conversion rate, achieve the effect of earnings. However, in practical optimization, there was more to conversion and not for the purpose of optimization, in order to improve website ranking to have the order reversed use unscrupulous divisive tactics. This is why some sites have a huge source of traffic, but has maintained a low profit effect. Therefore, this paper emphasizes that don’t do for flow optimization to improve the flow of economic conversion to business higher price. Sometimes, the conversion rate is more important than the flow of

in the construction site after began to maintain "is the promotion of life", but what kind of promotion will bring substantial effect? As the search engine promotion and promotion of the website, finally won the only search engine. Website promotion should be extended to identify the direction, all in order to optimize and optimize the promotion. For example, the construction of a station type of industry sites, then the face of the group is the webmaster, no doubt the webmaster in this circle promotion is the best, but if the change to an entertainment community, promote your website, who will know what is it? So in the chain promotion, often humanity. A certain link promotion effect, but the effect is for search engines or for people? In contrast, promotion of high conversion rate is far better than the search engine promotion effect more. In fact, if a website is completely dependent on the search engine, the coefficient of facing the death is also greater. Identify the user groups to promote the ascension accurate user groups, more promotion is one of the commercial conversion rates.

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