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7 optimization of long tail keywords Title Experience

website at the beginning of the long tail keywords:

enterprise products: website optimization, love Shanghai optimization, website construction, network production, this information is rotten tofu online, but I found my own experience class description word + website long tail keywords is not much. So I will add new experience on the long tail word


you for the website optimization of long tail keywords not included headache? 100 boring resistance, try to have little? Xiaobian also experienced the process, now my 7 point I do website optimization of long tail keywords experience to share with you, let some perception and harvest! Stressed: the long tail keywords is the primary title mark. From my experience to share: why do the long tail keywords

love Shanghai often keep changing, to never stop, we will in the chase, chasing, never stop. One day on the Internet A5 know the concept of website long tail keywords. Just know that the long tail keywords to a website can bring more traffic, I have a release of pleasure.

I found on the Internet a free version of the long tail keywords mining tools, indeed dug up a lot of long tail keywords, very happy, these words are my future website article soul. Download one by one to write the article, two or three days later I found a problem, the long tail words are very basic, especially for the website optimization articles, including the long tail word of the title of the article and others write out, I wrote the site title is very difficult to do long tail keywords and new in order to be different from others. Love Shanghai also included the game, at the same time around the contents of the website to write long tail keywords naturally fits.


1, product experience + long tail keywords.

have about two or three days included the rate of poor, it seems that my idea is right, but also need to find a different way on the site long tail keywords this way, latecomers become the first must have it sanbanfu trick. The protagonist play, clap… .


has only paid attention to the website optimization keywords, the concept of long tail keywords is not at all. I do the subject as can be imagined although very good, but is not much traffic, wondering for a long time, more hard for my main keywords ranking, tired and do not say, in the market competition strength of website optimization so large, rely on the main keywords to account for a stable market, dedicated to hair sometimes, the dream is to do optimization. No way, the boss confessed task must be completed, half the company’s market on the site after optimization of telephone service. Although my salary is very high, but with abnormally large pressure is not proportional to the thought of giving up, often in the boss "earnest" the collapse of faith, watching people eager to look forward to the eyes, I had to bear alone. I did all the tricks in the main keywords on brains, business telephone number I will be happy, the next moment and turn into preparing for anxiety.


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