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A webmaster experience sharing through countless times right down

if you do not experience the site right down, then you won’t be a good webmaster. This sentence may be a bit extreme, but for the love of Shanghai now like convulsions, temper, right down the website is really a homely food, as one of the victims of the author, here from three aspects (right down signs, right down to reason and solve, down the right mentality to share experience).

second: website drop right reason and solve.

said "right down silently, but for now the technology, website sign to drop the right we can see. As a webmaster, on the site down right must have excellent sense of smell, if can be found in a timely manner, to take timely measures to restore the situation or drop right. Said so much, before the general website down right will have what performance? The author thinks that there are the following:

(1) to a halt or snapshot file. Although many of Shanghai’s love will also appear abnormal condition, because the love of Shanghai there are many database snapshot versions, so occasionally see a snapshot of the correction is not surprising. But here we refer to the snapshot of stagnation and correction is abnormal phenomenon, its main difference with normal snapshot stagnation: snapshot, but the content is not consistent with the snapshot. We love Shanghai open will see the content of the website snapshot snapshot date, if the site can not keep up the snapshot date or back (not occasionally, for a few days, so this) it is necessary to pay attention to right down, can occur at any time.


: the first sign of website right down.

(2) included page began to decrease. Included is the embodiment of website quality is an important indicator of a website, if you copy the acquisition too much, even if the page is also included the adverse. Most of the time we can see an article by a day has been deleted, and continuously appear this kind of circumstance, then sooner or later the right down.

(3) the chain surge or reduction of violence. This situation often appears in a spam chain website, love Shanghai for the chain of garbage is very sensitive, although perhaps a time you send the chain of garbage are included, but once loved Shanghai recognition, so the chain will you from surge into reduction of violence, and and you will soon see your site is down right.


although we can get the website to drop the right message from the above symptoms, but a lot of time for us to take measures to make up also not change right down to the fact, the site will still be reduced.

webmaster, do Shanghai dragon most afraid of is what? I’m afraid that makes life worse than death site drop right now. Relative to the K station, right down the website is a "wind sneaked into the night, right down silently, right down to torture your site, make your site Shengburusi! As a website through countless times down the right of the owners, I have so much to say to the webmaster for the site to drop right, I hope to get everyone’s attention and communication.

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