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This year’s top 10 domestic online education start-ups take inventoryWith the station master, experi

      graduation for more than a month, into a view of a big company is very good in others, but that heavy political office is I can not accept and adapt, but fortunately just signed agreement rather than a formal contract, so chic jumped out. Spent a week in 51job frantically looking for work, the results of several interviews, inadvertently entered the current company, an Internet company, a company specializing in dealing with the webmaster. So I also know, Admin5, laggards and so on, this is a fun place, here is what I have seen and done on this day, and share it here.

because these two products, the boss said is the first line, a point to all the excellent site of the boss to contact, and in the afternoon, or constantly call, including the review of new web site’s application, hey >!


2, ape question library yuantiku/


    these two sites are today for the first time on-line promotion, so we will hold a telephone to start playing, the phone side fingers on the keyboard for owners in the group, because I was new, it is MM because of it, so it is quite popular drop. But this does not stop the duplication of work is a bit boring, want again to the webmaster on the phone said: for young people dating site is good, suitable for your site, a registered 2.2 yuan income; immediately change another phone to another station, said at this time for this the white-collar dating website of your website, one of the 1.5 registered income, you can try it on. And so, to repeat, that night when the two talk will also want to blurt out…… But this group is really very cute, on the phone are so polite, perhaps is to do the station, this group is a high quality of the crowd.

Founded in 2012, the

ape question library was founded by Li Yong, President of NetEase’s former portal division, and members of the core executives from NetEase. The team had the flagship product for the "chalk net", in 2013 the focus of the transformation "ape exam", this is the intelligent online exam products support a mobile phone and computer problems, providing historical examination authority answers for candidates to practise, but also according to the level of the candidates on a topic of intelligent, really improve test efficiency.

3, Shanghai river network hujiang/

      nine in the morning to clean the table, punch, the MM Jiepi drop. Then, in accordance with the boss’s instructions, joined a number of Adsense group, it is worthy of professional networks, plus group through faster than I imagined. After that, the company’s oldest boss, MM, gave us a meeting. Ha ha, this is the most passionate MM I’ve seen so far. I’m still a little older than my dorm owner just a month ago. The boss’s passionate speech made me feel a bit excited, and the Internet was like this. When I was still in the excitement of the dream, no return to flavor, the boss has given me the task. Let me follow a beautiful such as Teresa Teng’s MM learning to do promotion: a young man’s cool dating website promotion this is my love, my family is also cool, the other is a white-collar white-collar friends wedding website the sweat ah, I’m not a white-collar, I fly collar, I say I don’t want to get married. "But I’m pretty," MM said. "This is half of the sea and half of the flames.".

, the company in August 2013 to complete millions of dollars of B round of investment, Jingwei China lead investment, IDG capital with investment, after the company was founded, has received IDG yuan of capital A round of investment.

91 foreign teachers network released, attracted many people’s attention, the company has access to NetEase capital of about 4 million U.S. dollars of A round of investment.

91 teacher network established by the end of 2012, by Jiayuan founder Helen of Troy Gong Haiyan was founded, belonging to the Beijing cloud Culture Consulting Co. ltd.. The aim is to make use of the mother tongue as an English teacher in the world and to interact with each other through the Internet, so that each Chinese can study English online for 24 hours without leaving the house.

currently more than 20 million registered users, mobile applications around 50, cumulative downloads of 20 million, overseas users accounted for 5%, annual revenue of billions of dollars. The company received $20 million in B rounds in June 2013.

Shanghai river network was established in 2001, is a veteran of the language learning portal, founded by Shanghai students venture on behalf of Fu Cairui. After more than 10 years of development, Shanghai river network product line includes the nature of the media portal website "Hujiang network", "school" attributes of the electricity supplier to sell books, online courses, community property "Hujiang tribes".

network was established in 2012, from where to network vice president Dai Zheng founded, is a one-stop online study service website, provide strategic planning, education background, promotion tour, exam training abroad, study intermediary consulting, international finance and.

1, 91 foreign teachers network 91waijiao/

Internet product database IT orange in the just released "2013 online education venture capital inventory" report, according to the investment and financing, which belongs to the field of dimension, finishing a relatively hot this year 10 online education start-up companies list in alphabetical order. Share here:

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