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business discussion if the Tencent copied your projectThe 5 trick is to teach you how to make media


Wright brothers? Wrong! It’s Gustave Whitehead.


nobody likes to listen to nonsense or lies. What interests people is the real story. A true story can contain the following points:

the important thing is not who first flew up into the sky, but who was the first to let the public know that he was in the sky.

Tencent’s strategic expansion of plagiarism

date? On the date, the man only want to tear down a woman, the woman just want to squeeze the man’s wallet.


what’s wrong with your pet dog’s tail,

1, do yourself. Ask yourself, do what you have to do is the core business of Tencent? WeChat / M chat /talkbox case can see, if the Tencent’s core business, the result is get rid of, at least not good day. So don’t wait for an investor to ask you, ask yourself first.

of course, if you have enough money, you can buy advertising. But not all start-ups can afford expensive advertising costs.

if you want to sell your product, you need to let people know you first. No identification and influence, wine again fragrant, also afraid of alley deep.

how did you overcome the difficulty,


4, good execution. Then, with all the effort to produce the product quickly, constantly adjust the product according to the feedback of the user, perform it well, and get a certain scale before the big guy can react.

, first of all, let me ask you a question, who was the first person to fly up to the sky?

of course, after you know this, ask yourself, do you really do what you like, love, and do it enthusiastically? If so, let’s have these let, it, be. Follow your heart and do what you want to do. That’s the way to go. Everything starts with a risk. It’s too good to be perfect, it doesn’t succeed, follow your heart, and maybe it will come.


was copied by the Tencent, estimated that this is the most tragic thing for entrepreneurs, because no one entrepreneurs hope that their field of entrepreneurship by the Internet tycoon premature intervention. The original NetEase portal content director Guo Ziwei wrote, it is claimed that if "Tencent copied me, Lao Tze jumped to Tencent", big spit entrepreneurs are unhappy. If investors ask you "if the Tencent copied your project, what would you do?", how do you answer? If your project is really copied, what do you do? How do you do to the Tencent behind


or you have a certain scale of users, make strategic investment company, is also a way, but it is best to financial investors and joint investment, relative to maintain your independence in a relatively long period.

Chen Yongjun 1 micron

, your best friend just pulled over your girlfriend. How did you handle

as an entrepreneur, we all face a question: how do you get the media to report on my business?

Bill Gates once said, "if I only had two dollars, I would spend one dollar on public relations."."

why did you enter the industry,

2. gives first, and then sounds

, don’t yell at your product. How do you do it? Please introduce your business in good faith.

then why do we now see the Wright brothers as the originator of modern aircraft because they have taken advantage of the power of the media?.

5, capital support. Then, perhaps, it does need capital to drive, expand the team, strengthen marketing, and get the resources teams, funds, connections, alliances that are funded by capital, a team larger than a big company doing similar products.

those who run through the train are always despised and forgotten. If you are such a person, it must change this.

that’s what people want to know. Take off your mask, please.

these little things make you appear more sincere. In fact, you might as well try to tell people your secrets or shame on them.

, or mergers by big companies, is also an option.

6, follow the heart

, why do you have dark circles,

1. sincerely tell the business story


Tong Weiliang Managing Director, Gobi investment

2, see the opponent. But any big company’s internal resources are limited, if the non core business, the big company inside the project to obtain less resources, the team is not too much.

so how do you build a low cost, sustainable public relationship? In fact, a lot of people have been studying this problem, and what you have to do is to absorb their experience.

second phase discussion is " venture if the Tencent copy of your project!" see how you answer:

3, set a good strategy. Therefore, the start-up company in a subdivision field, good product long, medium and short-term planning, set a good strategy;

apple is not a company that invented mice, but they are the ones who let everyone know about the mouse. shlf1314 wasn’t the first enterprise to search, but they were the ones who made everyone realize the search engines. Such examples are numerous.


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