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About the details of the first video CommissionAdvertising creativity, branding, and precision deliv


we often talk about the new value of new media and the difference between traditional media and traditional media In fact, in a word, the traditional media is one-way information transmission, and the Internet is more emphasis on personalized information, interactive features, the combination of the two is the new value of new media.

      as usual, with a vision, open a union site of the home page, enter that familiar user name, see their daily results, very happy mood. On a sunny afternoon in October 28th, the first video of the union backstage was opened! When to see a news station to send the first video:

below, we look at the format of ICAST video ads, as well as video ads based on the alliance system. I think this is a complete marketing program for the marketing field.

1. build new marketing methods on the new media platform?

      what you need to note here is that stopping the current commission settlement means stopping the Commission on all websites under your username. For example, there are two or more than two of the site you name, one against

      night time is lonely is full, update several sites, is 29, more than 3 in the morning, Admin5 will read the article again, looked at the first video let me rectification page, I feel what is going to happen, just want to put the heart this he called the substanceless page to delete it, just do it, I will delete on the server, the page. Always feel that such things to this point, should be satisfactory?.

3. media to achieve the maximum return on investment rate of



only from the form of advertising, advertising is creative, interactive, entertainment marketing platform, publicize the expressive force of its most emphasis is the impact of the. Brands need publicity, need personalized, need to highlight. At the same time, interactive elements and entertainment information are added so that consumers enjoy watching them. For example, "happy boy", which is interactive, attractive, publicity, strength, this is the psychological needs of everyone’s life, so as to ensure that advertising to achieve the best results. Form can change all the time, but form is for content.

China the Internet advertising market, no one to doubt its value, it will grow fast and explosive growth, especially in the 07 years to 08 years in August 8th, and almost all Olympic related funds are linked to the Olympic Games. So I think the first Internet advertising development of explosive and shock resistance of the two network advertising more rapidly than encountered in 97-98 years, imposing. In fact, this is also a requirement for all Internet marketing experts, and we need to think more deeply: how can Internet advertising develop its most effective features in a large communication environment?

      your subordinates website v.ggxx/one.html player is not in accordance with the requirements of video first placed on this issue on October 26th we have sent you a request to amend the letter
in November

returned to the strategic level, it can help customers achieve what advertising? Is the maximum return on investment, the customer is most concerned about how much money to spend, to achieve what effect. It can be said that technology is the foundation of the new media technology is not no development of Internet advertising, rich media advertising performance can also be rich and colorful, can speak the content match, who need to see what form of advertising, as well as my feedback to the product information, all is to improve customer advertising roi.

      but it is always full of waves, the afternoon of the 29, once again opened the first video alliance platform, like a bolt from the blue received such a message:

from the entire network marketing speaking, not only is effective with the new form of online advertising, but also the integration of traditional media. How to build a new marketing approach on the basis of the new media platform? That’s what we should think about when we help clients plan.

      your site v.ggxx is not in accordance with the first video network for placement, but will the player in the only promotion code without other content pages, such as
v.ggxx/one.htm. Please modify before October 28, 2007, otherwise it will stop the current settlement commission.


         ;     at the same time must pay attention to both creativity

How does

      with a cautious mood in the first video from the administrator information, quickly rectification, enrich the content, because of this alliance is not to offend you, he grasped the reins, complete the rectification, is already more than 7 o’clock in the evening. Turn off the computer and leave the company.

      2.; how to play the most effective features in the Olympic environment?

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