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Taobao search engine Amoy net exposure focus on commodity information


Taobao search engine search net exposure

September 25th news, following the recent adjustment of search rules, Taobao search engine search engine today. According to micro-blog users broke the news, Taobao will be launched in the near future, the whole network search engine a Amoy network (, focusing on product search.

it is understood that the Amoy network is still in the beta stage, the outside world can not access. But the spread of the Internet from the screenshot, a scouring network search function mainly includes comprehensive, commodity, and "Amoy bar 4 categories, similar to" use Baidu Search ", Taobao is also to their search button up a nice name" Amoy ".

According to the Taobao

on the majority of buyers crowd and commodity properties, Amoy network launched a special keyword, on the list, on the list of digital clothing, baby on the list of 4 categories, the current popular real-time search technology in a web page of a Amoy, Amoy network also launched a convenient for users to find a "real time search the transaction" column.

long before, Taobao had to adjust search rules, adjustment to strengthen the display of goods, merchandise category management, commodity description norms and requirements, whether the seller can be identified and put in the wrong category deliberately repeated distribution, even repeated shop credit speculation behavior, and was also caused by the seller to protest. The Taobao launched the whole network search engine is considered to further deepen the search area.

Taobao has a certain advantage in the product search. According to the FT Chinese network reported, holds a 70% share, 90%C2C share of the online shopping in Taobao Baidu search after the closure of the development to the present, the merchandise search, regardless of quality or quantity, Baidu is now not more than. The current online shopping has become more and more important search applications.

online shopping expert thinks, consider Taobao’s overall strategic layout for large, independent search entrance, separate the original "small Taobao" in search of goods and buy goods from the former Taobao, as Taobao will flow conveying chain clear.

reported that, according to iResearch predicted that in 2009 the scale of online shopping transactions was 248 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 93.7%. It is foreseeable that in the next five years, the proportion of online shopping transactions accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of social consumer goods will exceed 5%, the contribution of online shopping for the traditional retail market will be increasing.

in the field of commodity search has been lagging behind Baidu has accelerated the pace of catch-up, in order to get through the direct path between the user and the purchase of high-quality shopping malls and websites, Baidu recently launched a low-key commodity search. Baidu said Jingdong mall, Amazon, Dangdang and other 17 e-commerce sites have been or are being added to the product search.

in addition, Google China last year, which launched a shopping search beta, and recently will be shopping search embedded search results, with the advantages of search engine traffic, increase the e-commerce buyers’ guide". < >

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