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Taobao’s new opportunity market segments in the springAnalysis what kind of Web site webmaster to ma

second: industry website

fourth: new website

? is it better?

girls underwear is a branch of China’s underwear market segmentation. For the 15 year old adolescent girls, underwear is not a "shy" topic, more and more girls started to buy their own underwear. The per capita age of domestic underwear consumers is becoming younger and younger, and many newly developed girls are also daring to talk about the quality of their underwear. According to statistics, only domestic adolescent girls underwear products have nearly 15 billion yuan of market consumption potential.

! ?

below to introduce, a very potential market segments, can be said to be a forgotten Jinshan, maid underwear


when the Internet is growing faster and faster, you find a computer era is not far off. The progress of society stems from the progress of various industries, the development of the industry needs huge amount of information, so the industry website arises at the historic moment. Do industry website should pay attention to specialized and fine, for example, do animal husbandry industry, just do animal husbandry industry, do agriculture and forestry, do agriculture and forestry, do lamps and lanterns, lamps, tourism, medicine and so on. Do not blindly seek wide and lost focus.

currently on the market, the main girls underwear brand, mostly in the original underwear brand foundation, added for the adolescent girls wear underwear series, such as Wacoal, Ttiumph, love and so on. Strictly speaking, such brands can not be called professional lingerie brands.

what kind of mentality do you do? Do you believe that part of the answer is fun, part of pure learning technology, and most of it is to make money. After all, this is a realistic society, and this is a society that needs money. Then what kind of website can I make money? I will make a superficial analysis according to my own knowledge.

is therefore designed for girls underwear brand design is still relatively small, which do better: an figeat girl kewayi underwear, underwear, very young girl sister EFENE girl underwear, underwear and so on, these brands are positioned as professional girls’ underwear brand.

comment: great benefits, but the operation is relatively difficult, the need for professional team management, maintenance, suitable for certain funds and technology station

also remember that before the foreign sale of a mosaic site, the specific content forgotten, but just remember standing up to earn a sum. Innovation is the primary productive force. In this information society, a good idea can make you get rich overnight. To do such a website is to focus on "new" and "wonder". It can make people feel that they have gained something from the lack of service on the website. Of course, this kind of harvest may be in the mind, for example, people will feel that…

a lot of people, always love to huddle firm, in the clothing, cosmetics and other areas of the Red Sea in the fight. Many Taobao customers due to lack of experience, lack of funds, lack of promotion means, often was grappling, eventually quit Taobao off stage covered all over with cuts and bruises. Some people, when people fight in the Red Sea, they choose some market segments, starting from a small age, often without too much money, too complex means, you can get their due return. In fact, there are also spring market segments

2, price choice,

so, does Taobao really have no chance,

third: B2C website

1, brand choice,

comment: the industry website started relatively easy, as long as the heart is not afraid of no business income, although the audience is not necessarily a lot of industry websites but counterparts, so the advertising price is relatively high, the feasibility is also higher.

take a look at each of these Mall: Taobao mall, Jingdong mall, Dangdang, excellence, look at their popularity, you will understand B2C in the end do not do it. Especially Taobao mall is also independent from Taobao, independent domain name independent operation, its profits can be seen. More and more people choose online shopping, logistics is more convenient day by day. Some problems existing in C2C, such as after sale, like counterfeit goods, B2C, can be solved well. The premise, of course, is that you have to be a man of virtue. Although no business is not evil, but can make money and earn the reputation of

in the face of this high growth potential of the blank market, Taobao customers how to choose


in fact, the opportunity is always reserved for those who are prepared, in the Internet this huge market, there will always be a chance to leave you, the key is to grasp,

, more and more Taobao customers complain that they don’t have lists for a month, competition is too fierce and commissions are too low…… As we all know, in this Taobao navigation station, shopping guide Station, back to the current network, single page stations and other flying times, the market to Taobao opportunities less and less, the threshold is also getting higher and higher.

our choice of brands, we can choose some brands, potential, professional brand, personal preference, professional young girl underwear brand, higher growth, larger space for development.


first: SNS aggregation community

girls underwear has been called "maiden’s first underwear" by the industry. Its importance is self-evident, but most girls choose mother’s underwear


comment: huge profits, high feasibility, less risk, the need for capital investment, suitable for a certain economic base and strategic vision of friends.

like happy, Renren, user and website stickiness biggest, potential market is also the biggest. Users are large, and users are not easy to lose, is the biggest advantage of sns. A good SNS community can lead to a huge chain of benefits, which can bring huge benefits.

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