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A5 involved in the field of Witkey Witkey industry segments low-key or new wayDark horse cool star o

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from this introduction, we can easily see that A5 network promotion platform positioning is grassroots promotion, for small and personal businesses. Don’t say anything else. Let’s test the effectiveness of the new platform and the actual results,

A5 home page looks very simple, comfortable, can be said to do the task at a glance, you can see the task directly, and this pig is a bit different, zhubajie due to the type of complex, so home to display category. And A5 network promotion platform is due to category specificity, so you can directly display tasks on the home page. People who publish tasks can easily publish what they need to publish. sh419 preferred word is suitable for user experience !

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A5 network promotion platform profile from A5 official network:

League address: http://s.union.heima8/

diagram 1

will have a good performance!

you mentioned Witkey, most likely to think it might be the pig or before these have Chinese Witkey is relatively mature Amoy website. However, recently, the network promotion industry may find, well-known Webmaster Station A5 recently launched a Witkey platform. At present, A5 launched the Witkey website hereinafter referred to as the A5 network promotion platform is a platform for attention and network promotion, is currently in the start-up phase, personal feel, with the help of A5 the biggest Webmaster Platform, perhaps this network promotion based Witkey platform A5

cool music box to continue running, and the effect is good, recommend to increase efforts to promote.

on August 31st

A5 network promotion platform, is the focus of the development of the website in 2012 Admin5, in the spirit of openness, fairness and impartiality, the principles of honesty and good faith, and strive to build a service platform for network promotion the most safety integrity.


long ago, Xiao Bian has an idea: do a decoration industry Witkey site, but for funds and technical problems temporarily shelved. After that, because of all sorts of things in life, I forgot about it. Coincidentally, these days just found, A5 also began to enter the network promotion Witkey market.

due to cool star advertising campaign expired, cool star advertising will stop running.

A5 network platform for the promotion of positioning is to start from the grass roots, why grassroots to describe, because we understand some are in the development of business and personal business promotion of hard life, no human, no resources, no money, no phenomenon is a grassroots business headache! A5 network promotion platform, is considered as the grassroots suitable for small businesses, and individual businesses, a gathering of power users, through such a platform to provide resources, human capital, it is convenient, small businesses can be extended to 100 yuan, the staff may make money once to earn a piece of money, what we need is for. From the grassroots, condensed into a meager power power!

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platform home page:

cool star data released to the evening of August 31st 24:00, from the beginning of September 1st ad not billing statistics.

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