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Korea’s largest hand travel company is about PO drop out founder of billionairesnternet business m

house was born in a textile factory and dropped out of high school. With an aggressive attitude, he has developed Netmarble into a gaming giant and has gained a great deal of recognition from fans and critics along the way. The company, which will be listed on Friday, won 2 trillion and 660 billion won $2 billion 300 million through IPO and valued at around 13 trillion won, more than the market value of LG.

extraordinary way to success

finally, the same way network decided to provisional IPO, "marriage" Tencent. Wu Zhixiang is going to release the pent up potential of the same process. "After this round of financing, within two years will no longer pay attention to competitors move, but rather focus on user experience."." Wu Zhixiang’s so-called "financing" refers to the 2014 Valentine’s day announced Tencent lead investment, Bo Yue, Yuan Wo 500 million yuan with the cast. To get the current domestic traditional OTA field of the largest single financing, has always been low-key with the network began to high-profile surface.

In view of

Wu Zhixiang is also a division door. He graduated from Soochow University majoring in tourism and taught books. Later served as deputy general manager of a travel company in Suzhou. In 2001, he entered Alibaba and started as an ordinary salesman and became number 176th employee of ali. Alibaba was in the stage of exploring profit models, and just started doing "Chinese supplier". Ideas and ideas, Wu Zhixiang wrote a letter to Ma, proposed to do travel B2B business, but did not get a reply.

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how to survive in the giant’s pincer attack? Wu Zhixiang and the same Cheng net entrepreneurial experience can be called textbooks

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avoids giant


"real Junhe and Tencent and other overseas Internet giants to establish cooperation ability is crucial to the success of Netmarble." Bloomberg, Bloomberg’s analysis and Research Center Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Anthea Lai said, "by reversing the company’s operating condition, he fully proved their marketing sense and leadership."

Samsung, Hyundai Group and other chaebol has long been focused on the manufacturing industry, the development of real Junhe early bets on popularization of intelligent mobile phone will drive the game content. The company he founded in 2000 with only 8 employees has now become the publisher of the "2: revolution in heaven" Lineage 2, Revolution and the MARVEL Future Fight. In the course of development, Netmarble won the Tencent and CJ E& M Entertainment Group’s investment. The Chinese Internet giant injected $500 million into Netmarble in 2014.

so, Wu Zhixiang chose to resign, and students, teachers, a total of 5 people, with a few hundred yuan to start funding, in Soochow University, a 10 square meters of staff dormitory began to start their own businesses. The same course online in 2004, and later in the tourism industry, little known. Two years later, when Wu Zhixiang stood on the stage of "winning in China", Ma, a judge, identified his subordinates.

NetEase news May 11th, Bloomberg wrote that, with Korea’s largest hand travel company Netmarble upcoming listing, the founder of its high school dropout Fang Junhe Bang Jun-hyuk became a billionaire. In a country dominated by chaebol, he stepped out of the unusual path of success.

Netmarble, founder of real Junhe

at that time Ma Yun has become a well-known figure in the field of internet. Although the division of Alibaba, do the same with B2B mode Wu Zhixiang does not think he is an Internet entrepreneur. He understood the Internet business exclusively belong to the two class fashion people: one is Robin Li, Zhang Zhaoyang and other elite returnees, they are extremely familiar with the American market; the second class is Cai Wensheng and other grass-roots elite, very aware of the underlying Internet game rules and user requirements. But as to their stay away from the Internet atmosphere of the north, on the broad, remote corner of Suzhou seems to be only a cipher, eye envy envy.

, the man behind the biggest IPO in South Korea for 7 years, has come out of an unusual way in a country dominated by a family business conglomerate.

according to the Bloomberg billionaires index, the real Junhe holds a 24.5% stake in Netmarble, according to the IPO price, this part of his stake worth $2 billion 900 million. The >

tension, anxiety, very careful. This is the same way network founder Wu Zhixiang and Ctrip, eLong and other industry giants "5 years of resistance" personal feelings. No, Ctrip a wind sways grass lace news, will make Wu Zhixiang’s highly nervous tension. The domestic listing as the primary task, demanding profit with the same process, has been outside the eyes of the giant "diving" type of development.


was unknown to the public for many grassroots entrepreneurs, may have to burn high Xiangcai and may bear the total Xiong Xiaoge, MA Ma Yun this big man see? "Wu Zhixiang did not think of, he can be so lucky, have the opportunity to stand in the spotlight > CCTV stage

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