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Hold a capital Li Muqing VC is always unresponsive, the line of entrepreneurs is the most talked abo

like this:

5, what is the best solution to the needs of the expansion of start-up companies?

3 high rate of return on capital;

There are usually two reasons for


how many gross margins can you contribute to every user you leave to your website and APP each time? Can you cover the cost of your order and cover your customer acquisition costs?. How long will it take you to make money from buying the user?.

4, what are those tested in the winter capital under the rules of survival of

so, what exactly does Zhu Xiaohu think about ofo,

3, why is your company’s profits impressive, but you still can’t get VC’s money?

venture to give you money, that is, let you buy the user. But it’s easy to buy a user. How do you leave the user? How much do you want to stay? You need to think about it.


there are a lot of entrepreneurs will have such doubts, my company’s profits are considerable, but also doubling every year, but why still can not get VC money?

, a lot of people misunderstand, we never see business models, and even an article says, I and Wang Gang drops angel investors dominated the O2O’s Ponzi scheme, I think those companies are fooled.

even though the battle is a little longer today, Zhu Xiaohu’s faith in ofo has always been his confidence in his speech at the platform of the chaos society.

in his opinion, an ideal business has at least 4 characteristics:

"bicycle war" is just in the ascendant, and it is hard to predict the outcome.

today’s WeChat, Mr. Li Muqing came to the vote, in the "investors said" speech to share with you. In the article, Mr. Li Muqing carried out a detailed answer to these questions, perhaps his answer is not absolutely applicable to you, but to a certain extent, reveals the essence behind the problem, it should be worth reading.

at the beginning

the essence of the Internet is traffic, that is, how to obtain users. Traditional retail enterprises have only one key word: lots, lots, lots, because lots can help you get users.

2 it can grow to be big enough;

vote for ofo? Three months to earn

what are your costs? Customer acquisition costs and order fulfillment costs?. What is your gross profit? That is, how much gross is your contribution to each customer?.

1 consumers love it;

Zhu Xiaohu, but early conclusion. Last September, he said: in the circle of friends ofo and Mobell war will end in 90 days.

2, in the development of new products, entrepreneurs are often caught in what is wrong?

in fact, this account, we even know at the beginning, you can not make money?.


entrepreneurs can’t get investment,


Amazon founder Geoff · Bezos Jeff Bezos has made a definition of an ideal business, and warn you when find time for this type of business, not only to seize it, more like a life partner like it and you tightly tied together.

these data are very, very important. Any entrepreneur should always pay attention to these indicators.

Mr. Li Muqing, the founder of a capital partner, has ten years of Internet investment experience, leading investment in the case of chain home, I love my family, refueling treasure, Aboriginal tour. Before founding a capital, Mr. Li Muqing was only a 80 CDH venture partner in CDH Qihoo 360, during his participation in Kang Hui, Joyoung company successfully listed.

editor’s note: before you read this article, you probably don’t know

Mobell founder once said, do not know what is the business model, if they can make money, do not need financing.

1, in the face of the cold winter of the capital, where should entrepreneurs spend their time? The most appropriate

first, your company’s differentiation is not enough, leading to VC is difficult to bet directly; second, you have not been able to find the industry’s core secrets, so that VC shines.


, such as WeChat users can actively spread between, active pull users business model is relatively small, most business models still need to spend money to buy users.

4 and at the same time, it can stand the test of time – the potential for decades to come.

usually has these two

, but ofo is different.

in the end can not make money, we even know the

many people find the Internet mysterious. It takes ten years for a traditional enterprise to make hundreds of millions of dollars, and Internet Co may only need two years.

Why did

you will find that once you figure out, there is no essential difference between Internet companies and traditional retail enterprises, that is, profit = revenue cost. This formula is the same for any business model.

in fact, when we decide to invest in a company to the final exit, this cycle may be 5 or even 10 years. If the investor throws you, not only because you these years performance is very good, more importantly, sees you have not >

in fact, the essence of Internet companies and traditional enterprises is exactly the same.

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