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because the ninth city hereinafter referred to as nine, NASDAQ: NCTY shares a long-term hovering around $1 on the Nasdaq stock market, before being issued a notice: nine in the past 30 consecutive business days failed to reach the $15 million minimum capitalization requirements, no longer meet the NASDAQ Global market shares the lowest market value MVPHS of the continued listing provisions.


within half a year of market capitalization of less than $15 million will be removed in the NASDAQ NINETOWNS not long ago, nine Red’s 5 studio will also System Link court, said it owed $160 million authorization of a joint venture company System Link gold company is nine and 360 Co founded. Red 5’s products "Fire Fall fire waterfall" has been highly valued, but after the official launch of much worse, and its comments on the Steam platform are focused on the player’s dissatisfaction with the charge model. The personage inside course of study is evaluated, 9 cities used Fire Fall in recent years to undertake capital operation, the attention is too high, but did not let this game succeed eventually, caused stock price to be further dispirited.

within half a year of market capitalization of less than $15 million will be removed according to the nine NASDAQ NASDAQ listing rules, must reach the minimum value requirements as 9 cities before August 21, 2017, and to ten consecutive working days to ensure the market value of not less than $15 million. If The9 fails to comply with the regulation before the expiration of the compliance period, then it will receive a notice of delisting.

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9 cities in the United States Eastern time on 2004 months on December 15th officially Nasdaq, opening price of $19, higher than the previously announced $17 issue price of $2, the day to close at $21. At that time, The9 had signed the online game "World of Warcraft" exclusive agent, and in the next few years, relying on this classic products will push the peak price. To this end, The9 is currently looking for various options to seek opportunities in the NASDAQ continued listing.

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