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Yang Lan net worth 7 billion personal brand is very important, inventory of those years of entrepren

Abstract: they are the example of "beauty and wisdom at the same time". They fade the halo of the past, explore and explore the commercial road, and end up a bright commercial sky. Since then, in addition to the famous host, they also have an "entrepreneur" title, who they have,

Yang Lan

1993, Yang Lan to the United States, after returning to join Phoenix founder chat show "Yang Lan studio", the "3.5" program, one of the highest ratings in Phoenix TV programs, advertising revenue accounted for the entire Taiwan 1/10. Just when Yang Lan presided over her career, she resigned again.


3. ask more questions and make everyone your teacher. …

in 2013, Yang Lan was named by Forbes as one of the 100 most influential women in the world.

into a circle, we must first find his umbrella, and his step, to quickly choose a friend Wangzhuan as a goal, take him out, as his friend, you let him introduce some of his friends to you, you continue to occupy his team, and in the process the occupation of his team, his position is established, and let more people understand their own, more self performance.

2010, Yang Lan to 7 billion yuan net worth list, "Hurun rich woman" list".


on June 2003, Yang Lan announced that 70% stake in sunshine TV was sold to a media group in the mainland.

in 1990, presided over the "Zhengda variety" program, Yang Lan became famous in the first World War, among the country’s most red host ranks.

In the past we

1. to know a Wangzhuan circle of friends. Have Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum civilian exchange group

6. puts friends first.

they have a dignified atmosphere of the face, all active in the screen, became a hot headed hostess, but in the cause of resignation very influential entrepreneurs.

2000, Yang Lan and her husband Wu Zheng acquired Hutchison group, changed its name to Sun Television Cybernetworks Holdings Limited, successfully backdoor listing, founded the sunshine tv. Since then, Yang Lan has begun to enter the business world.

if one person receives 500 yuan a day. You decided to contact him from the beginning, and to run him into a pawn in your hand, maybe not 3 months. If you’re going to study for yourself, maybe a year

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2004, Yang Lan through the restructuring of sun, founded the sun media investment company, the development of new media education, publishing, information, television, sports 5 items of business, the company gradually out of the woods, began to profit.

they are "beauty and wisdom equal emphasis" model, fade the halo of the past, in the way of commercial exploration, and finally hit a bright commercial sky. Since then, in addition to the famous hosts, they also have an "entrepreneur" title, who are they? From their entrepreneurial story, the founders can get what inspiration?

, in 2010, teamed up with Canadian singer Celion · and Dion to establish the first high-end custom jewelry brand – LAN jewelry, and to be creative director.

2009, Yang Lan integrated TV, electronic magazines and other resources, to create a "community of women in the workplace Chinese multimedia network".

originally intended to achieve profits through two ways of paying viewers and advertising revenue, but this model was too advanced in China at that time. Sunshine TV launched three years and lost more than 200 million Hong Kong dollars.

, the first 6 months are the basis of learning, a person do Wangzhuan, need 5-6 months of study time, this is not the learning process is too long, because the new knowledge on the network too much, only you and know Wangzhuan, you might have to ask a good, practical project. …

if you direct and blind operation of the project, after a year, you are still a day to earn 100 dollars, if you insist on half do not earn money to learn, maybe half a year after the day you can easily earn a few hundred dollars, but no one is willing to choose the latter, are willing to present, this is the difference. Is a kind of consciousness difference, and to estimate the future ability difference, in the absence of any industry, with the premise of in-depth understanding of the system of this industry, it is impossible to become a good business in this industry.

4., don’t be so hasty.

the most complete

2. learn first, don’t think about profit. Civilian Wangzhuan forum is such a good place to study above there are many projects, it is worth novice friends to do

5. long war master insisted that no Wangzhuan master!!!!! Hold on!!!

Do Wangzhuan The

as a veteran, generally there are several types of people is not optimistic, a class is impetuous, every complaint, this person was born is not successful, because he encountered anything love without love to complain, breakthrough, another kind is the eccentric type, there is a class of wild type the. …

a person, if in the circle, in addition to their own as a dish to look at, no one himself as a dish, then should consider their social ability. …

no matter how brilliant, how much we have the strength in the ground, when we enter a new world, going from novice to start, gradual development, rather than to you. …

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