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Lei Jun 40 years old, then do poineering work, do not want to forget childhood dreamThe failure and


there is no doubt that I said millet 5 ~ 10 year goal is the first in the world, has been ridiculed. But then the host asked me again, "what do you think?" ha, what can I see? At that moment, I really don’t know what to say. But I can’t be rude. I have to live through this embarrassing moment again. I saw the sitting in the middle of Ma Yun, remembered when he listed in the Alibaba when talking about, very inspirational words.

not to be laughed at the dream is not a dream!

or retreat!

, he said, eighty percent of Chinese would be successful if they were successful. Because of people like him, the university entrance exam three times before they go to college. I can’t find a job after graduation from university. I don’t want to be a security guard. So the dream is still there. What if it comes true,

not really, I am restless people, the reason why so few appearances, mainly to attend to other projects, it is with two other friends to do a company that specializes in wedding photography studio system into electricity supplier industry, it is to help the traditional studio build network team and laying network promotion channels

I think I imagine this dream, there should be no problem what? Because as a young entrepreneur, you should have such a dream, whether we can do, at least we should also think about

but we only work for half a year time, the direct reason is the profit allocation problem, the first half of our 4 million performance a customer charges in case of 20 years, according to the oral commitment at the time, I get into at least 700 thousand or so, the ultimate honor of about 300000, here involves the contract with the customer to sign. Because the contract is signed for a year or half a year, so the last time cash according to the quarterly cash, it also makes me very unhappy!


Abstract: as an entrepreneur, what is important is not age, but mentality. When it comes to youth, when it comes to entrepreneurship, the most important key word is "dream". Dreams are the words that motivate everyone most. I am also deeply inspired by my dreams.

so, after Apple’s senior vice president said, "it’s easy to say, hard to do", I replied, "the dream is still there, what if it comes true?"


talking about dreams, we may feel that the future of millet in the next 5~10 years to become the world’s boss, there may be bragging. But we turn back >

this is my most frustrating year, first from the first half of the year to speak, I am familiar with the people I know, the first half of the year almost no space in the had too many dynamic, only occasionally bubble, many people think that I switch to a

first talk, specifically what, from the entrance to the traffic organization and employee performance management and so on, we have a set of detailed implementation plan, not just for fun, the other two partners in the studio industry for ten years, I joined in the network marketing channel is mainly responsible for this one, that is the flow and our own network again! Mixed in recent years summed up a lot of practical and effective experiences to the studio industry to

but I also understand the fundamental reason why they do this is that people do not play with you! We have three working half time, should be said to have been completely profitable, and I mainly responsible for the network channels of this one, to tell the truth, good copy, all traffic channel operation is the same.

host immediately asked on the apple senior vice president: how do you see? He is also very powerful, back to me: "it’s easy to say hard to do." in Taiwan, with a red face, ah, but I think not to be laughed at the dream is not a dream

two months ago, I attended the world computer conference held in Wuzhen and took part in a dialogue program. There are seven or eight guests on the platform, including Ma Yun, and Apple’s senior vice president, BruceSewell. The host asked me, "what is today’s dream of millet?" I told my dream directly: "I hope that millet in 5~10 years, can be in the smart phone market smart phones become the world’s boss."."




this whole set of service system, I have shared in many occasions, in August, and then the total circle of small valley share, the internal team lectures also shared two times!

as an entrepreneur, the important thing is not age, but mentality. When it comes to youth, when it comes to entrepreneurship, the most important key word is "dream". Dreams are the words that motivate everyone most. I am also deeply inspired by my dreams.


for the enterprise service system, is not like we imagined so simple, the boss is not a fool, very smart, the process of doing very tired, an area only a service, so often need to travel, during which time I am basically a month at home only 3-5 days before me! Do the project the state of mind and it is a world of difference! Fortunately, I was making no effort, because the other two partners have very deep industry experience, I only need to put the network equivalent of this plot, the other they solve it! We basically run very fast, from the first to the customer it is profitable to make money, but also a lot of money

?The ?

a year has passed, my work is nearing completion, two days before the space access exceeded 1 million, because before breaking the 1 million will send a summary at the end of the diary, chores will be more, so the delay of two days

Lei Jun’s dream: beat apple become boss

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