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Why don’t you start your business in less than 5 million dollars a year Well, good doctor, 500 milli

now, all entrepreneurs are trying to avoid O2O, as long as you say you are O2O, and even other entrepreneurs will smile at you.


now, it is no longer known "VANCL style", but not where the pinnacle of memory. People are just concerned, when did they close down,

in the first internet medical safety valuation is not much problem, we can reach 3 billion U.S. dollars because another said registration network in this round of investment valuation is $1 billion 500 million, $2 billion is also scary.

tells you a joke: O2O

suddenly heard a good doctor, the first financing will be $500 million, the valuation actually reached an incredible 3 billion U. S. dollars, the suffering of the entrepreneur heart thoroughly frozen. It also has a BP with an air of importance to spread on the Internet, known as the 2019 profit to be 320 million dollars. When others starve you to show off not zhaoma? People venture financial year 5 million yuan a goodness, you do have financial 500 million a year, or $

look at him so seriously, 100 Jun almost smiled. "Tell you a joke: I want to start a business!"

/ medical writer Louis Liu

"you have done a network of more than a year of interrogation companies, with what people do more than ten years of Lilac Garden, good doctor is valuable, more active than the spring rain doctor?"

this valuation is not unexpected, this financing someone meets

"entrepreneurship isn’t easy. Are you ready to fail?"



, "you can’t follow the trend of entrepreneurship. Have you done market research?"


Internet recognized medical Mingmen is the pay, everyone agreed that insurance is the best paid, Chinese version of Kaiser medical, HMO and ACO concepts dazzling, insurance companies have started to hold the thigh. That’s why

old, may be the biggest joke in the business circle. The scenery, over BAT; drop altar is not worth a farthing.

"lend me 100 thousand, 5 cents higher than the bank rate."".

Abstract: entrepreneurship is not a game, but it evolved into a general. Some of the overnight venture myth, so that the whole society into a blundering entrepreneurial. Business can not be too impetuous, some mixed business projects, but also increased the difficulty of screening investors, chance encounter good project was also significantly lower.

is very cold, cold, cold weather and the There was no parallel in history. internet medical financing winter together hit, everyone persist a lot.

tells you a joke: I’m old

"can you make money other than burning money?"


"your American benchmark is better than you, and you’re not worth half of it,"

a time block and slobber all eight directions of peace flying a good doctor, than a heavy hand. There are reasonable, there are facts, and have data, in short, not peace, good doctor bragging is blind investors.

mentioned O2O entrepreneurship, which is the mobile Internet era, one of the biggest jokes. Look back to the past, many entrepreneurs hold high the great banner of subversion of the industry, just need to use pseudo manufacturing high subsidies. And burning money has become the industry’s most righteous excuse. It was not until the entrance of a coffin and cemetery that a large number of entrepreneurs and investors woke up.

this is impossible, neither should nor is it scientific.

happens to be our Unicorn studio that has just tested mainstream Internet interrogation APP, and there’s a good doctor, and I can handle it with one word:


"you’re faking data!" the APP offload rate is as high as 49%, just to flush users."

, after eating with a friend, blurted out the friend after a glass of beer. "Brother, I want to start a business, can you support the point?" 100 Jun just swallowed food, almost spit out. "Dude, aren’t you drunk?"".

first of all, good health, doctors operating data beautiful, in the downloads, the number of users, the number of daily consultation on the top two industry is no problem. Although it is on the line for a year and a half, but the courage to employ hundreds of full-time doctors to do interrogation methods, clever solution to other home use of part-time doctors on the network fragments of time, consultation, quality and time are not good management of the big problem. Quickly broke the good doctor, spring doctor long line of defense, this money burn value. Of course, the expensive way of playing can’t be done even if we want it.


first statement, I’m not for peace good doctor write financing soft Wen, I will say good, and say bad.


tells you a joke: P2P platform

goes through ABCD…… G round of financing totaled approximately $422 million. Aging is enough, I do not know how much money owed investors. Finally, with the G round of Lei transfusion, barely alive. Sadly, old said, "every guest is in this life to do, will not give up.". Still another to launch a tepid product, even to the hype, even insults Jay Chou for garbage, offend its young customers, really do not know what is his ultimate goal is to be a joke? It seems to the end.

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