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Your way of higher planning.linktech your profit, double! The dream bazaar officially landed linkt

dear League member:

4 Wangzhuan not so easy, you have to constantly improve their ability, the only way to earn more.

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, at first, no matter how strong you are, as a novice, you should first familiarize yourself with the industry. At least you should learn some experience and familiarize yourself with the operation flow. He was like the same from contact Wangzhuan, doing questionnaire and pig started, then do the questionnaire is like the integral, then cash or cash prizes, made for 200 dollars and a lamp for a month, was not beautiful, there is a pig in the journey to find scattered live, register an account, send a message or write a small article, a month down to earn 300 dollars, it is because of their exposure to these small Wangzhuan makes my Wangzhuan industry has a new understanding, know the inside of the issue.

‘theme: your profit, I double!!

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launch type: CPS

2 does not pay a return, a lot of people will lie to you, so you will continue to increase their ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

welcomes the active participation of members of the alliance and their active delivery!

commission rate: 6% of the transaction price of the actual product order.
note: the actual sales net sales = gross orders – return amount

note: in August, the participation in the stock is included in September, and you can participate in "your earnings, I double" activities.

data return mechanism: real time return data

as the title says, small projects such as the investigation or small tasks do pig, the play can also, but want to earn a month on a thousand or to use as a way to earn a living for friends, the trick is no climate. And this time, you clearly know the work characteristics of basic industries and industries Wangzhuan "unspoken rules"

target customer: 16-35 year old fashion woman

small projects destined not to be a means of livelihood, focus on the development of the next can be positioned in the promotion and marketing planning

30 million can not covet petty gains, like what type of money to earn, you try to know once fierce.

League registration address:

to tell you the truth three years ago, I really do not know Wangzhuan this road, when he was still in college, know the part-time money way distribute leaflets or go to KTV, when the waiter waitress, less money is not that also delayed his spare time. Later, in a chance to know Wangzhuan in this industry, the free time, but also a lot of money, was on the heart, and had a careful analysis of the situation of the industry, what did not feel wrong, do not lie, then in the summer to start his own Wangzhuan industry, has been developed to today, Wangzhuan truly become their means of livelihood, could not help feeling sometimes an accidental discovery will determine your life. Now comes the graduates on the occasion, many students want to find an ideal job or proper part-time, so this time I strongly recommended Wangzhuan industry of course, a prerequisite is that you have the interest and ability, as compared to the many friends of the career outlook, Wangzhuan is quite decent easily one thing.

‘activities: to accelerate with the moombasa target customers 16-35 year old female fashion alliance members to join, in 2007 9, 10, 11 and three months, linktech will launch your profit, I double "activities, during which the union members from the promotion of moonbasa CPS advertising each get 1 yuan Commission linktech," you donated an additional $1 profit, I double "activity.

early in a small task, becoming familiar with the Wangzhuan industry

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. Time: August 21, 2007 -2007 November 30th

settlement cycle: monthly settlement

1 do Wangzhuan to insist, that he recommended a few friends do Wangzhuan together, but finally persevered and fruition I am the only one.

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