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Venture migration go, go to second tier cities!Taobao guest thousand exactly is how to do it


in the same office building, at the beginning of this year, Aruba company’s office upstairs a layer of companies began to decorate, office supplies are from the field directly into the truck into the building. This company is called "fun play network", after five years of entrepreneurship in Beijing, the fun network to move to Chengdu as a whole.


video transmission speed is amazing, of course, your Taobao guest web site also spread together, look at the traffic statistics on their web site, according to the observation I had almost no traffic from one site to a daily two thousand IP time only two weeks. Beautify your website again. Sit down and wait for the money.

this is a monthly income of over a million Taobao passenger.

introduction in Beijing’s high housing prices, most people do not have a better life possible." Many entrepreneurs have the idea to leave Beijing.

the choice of these people seem to herald a new wave of the tide began to flee North Canton, and before the North floating population "case flee North Canton" is somewhat different, this time in a few years of struggle, they chose to flee the collective.

settled in the software park, Li Yanchuan found that among the entrepreneurs around, 10 out of 6 from the north, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and these cities. They have a variety of IT practitioners background, in twos and threes from the first tier cities evacuated, gathered in Chengdu, re start business.

my site, water cat house, the amount of IP every day about five thousand, but his conversion rate is amazing, there are a lot of traffic through the direct input site. I think this should be the result of my video promotion. By the way, I get huge traffic through video. I only do video promotion, this is what I insist most in the promotion. Because I think if you do too much will be distracted and the effect is not very good, as a way to promote good heart.

the world is so big, peace of mind is home. North, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, these first tier cities, prices flying, traffic congestion, pressure, high costs, is already a small start-up companies can not afford. Second tier cities, beautiful environment, policy support, talent pool, more and more attracted these entrepreneurs in big cities.

never dreamed that I could do a monthly income of over million, Taobao off to the point where I felt the greatest feeling is that a sense of accomplishment and pride. I contacted Taobao off time is really only less than a year, to really get down to do the time is short, but I took great effort to run the site, "water of the cat family". Next I’ll tell everyone about how I do Taobao off a monthly income of over a million.

"in Beijing’s high housing prices, most people do not have a better life."." Zhou had the idea to leave Beijing.

my approach is this, first of all, I have two computers, my network speed here is 8M, which ensures that I work efficiency. Here, I’d like to say one of the basic requirements is that you have to know how to edit video files, which is essential. Of course, editing video files is very simple, as long as there is a handy video editing software, you can find it easily on the internet. If you think your own video software is not good, you can also add me as a friend, I help you guide.

of course, fun pays a lot of money. In December last year, we decided to move. Some people said they were following, and others said they were leaving. Zhou goods side of the staff understand the idea, while understanding the attitude of the government, while looking for a house, while thinking about recruiting people. Moving nature >


see those amazing digital Taobao Alliance on the list, I think everyone will be excited with the heart, have you ever asked yourself, such as over a million Taobao customers how they do it? I think my biggest feeling is that you must be very diligent execution. But there are still some skills in Taobao off inside, you are not blind to promote their Taobao customer links, casually will be through your promotion links consumption.

"go, go to the second tier cities," the start-up company sounded the clarion call to escape North canton.

Tagore said, "we fly away again and again for the sake of coming back again and again.".

run away,

in Xiamen, Hangzhou, Tianjin were evaluated after he found that Chengdu housing prices over the past two years basically did not rise, buy a house is not a dream; a few years of talent precipitation, to find suitable talent is not a dream; people don’t work frequently spend three or four hours, more than the amount of time and energy can be effectively put into the work. The company cheap rent, government support…… These reasons moved him, and eventually chose to relocate to Chengdu.

Why did

in 2011, Li Yanchuan returned to Beijing from Germany and worked as a CTO in the broad bean network as an application developer. A year later, in November, he chose to leave Beijing and arrive in Chengdu. This time, he chose to settle in the Chengdu hi tech Zone Software Park, and created a company called Aruba, the owner of mobile games.

the next second are using the hottest video news events, and every day’s hot video is a lot of stuff we can use. As long as we put these video download, edit on your own web site keywords and web site, and then upload to their registered video website, such as youku and tudou, Ku6 net and so on. This is not finished, after these videos uploaded to ensure that people come over to browse, which requires you to use their own resources to spread on major websites. Well, these jobs only take one hour each day.

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