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E-commerce can you do a little businessSelect the Wangzhuan alliance to avoid deception

online advertising alliance more and more now, for the convenience of the webmaster, but there are also many problems, some problems are still very serious damage to the interests of the majority of owners. These problems are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

two, it depends on the accuracy of the advertising platform. Depends on whether the platform supports real-time data display. Put the ad, you can click on yourself to see if there is statistical data, and then find a friend to help point, and then test it, this method is very simple. Advertising platform for the system requirements are high, and some free procedures to modify the platform, in terms of data accuracy and security there will be a lot of problems, we generally do not do.

according to these problems, we in the process of operating the website, you can contact more monthly advertising, if you can’t pull monthly advertising, or monthly advertising price is too low. When choosing an advertising alliance, you should pay attention to the following points:

one is the choice of good reputation advertising alliance. Do some regular business alliance, the company after all must consider the credibility, close to happen at least will not run away, a problem can also find a good deal, never cheat Adsense Wangzhuan money.

three is to see the stability of the server. After the ad, if the server is not stable, not only will affect the advertising effect, but also affect the speed of their station, this point we should pay attention to.

as long as the business, whether electronic or traditional, online or offline, is an organic ecological chain, only dinosaur animal is unthinkable.    

four is to see the timeliness of settlement. Now the alliance settlement through some monthly settlement, some weeks and day settlement, settlement. Daily settlement is generally a personal alliance, relatively good operation. Generally can choose Zhou settlement is better, neither cumbersome, the cycle is relatively short.

one is the credibility of the advertising alliance. Some advertising alliance, modify a free program, began operation, good management, continue to operate, bad management, the station off, running away, damage to the rights and interests of the advertising station.

two is the accuracy of the data. Now the webmaster response is strongest strong accuracy, some advertising deduction amount is serious, which we responded most strongly, serious damage to the interests of people.

three is the open question of data. Some advertising Union data to a day or even a few days out of data, publicity is very poor, affecting the credibility of the advertising alliance, but also the majority of the webmaster of data authority, feeling, doubt and helplessness.

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