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Silicon Valley incubator Plug&Play founder ran people’s American dreamn app create AR wonderful, s

Silicon Valley incubator Plug& Play founder

in APP AR picture example

from rich two generation to entrepreneur

, his office building, has gone beyond the tech giants like PayPal and shlf1314 and invested in start-ups like Dropbox and Zong. Plug&, which he founded in 2006, is the largest incubator and Accelerator Center in Silicon Valley, providing site and entrepreneurial services for thousands of start-up companies, with a cumulative financing of nearly $1 billion $.

in APP early at the end of last year, trying to do the technology research and exploration in the AR camera, combined with the line of hundreds of commercial center launched during the Spring Festival in "AR brush face grab red activities caused great repercussions at that time. This time, in APP will this AR gameplay has been upgraded, launched the AR ultra space-time camera, users can achieve personal AR images on the phone side, AR short video production. Unlike the two-dimensional image, video form, AR ultra short time camera rendering of the 3D effect brings a new visual experience, and therefore, this kind of gameplay on the line to catch the eye.

I and the story of Silicon Valley started in 1979. I was not yet 20 years old, came from his hometown in Iran, California, Menlo Park Menlo College school. Why did you come to Silicon Valley? It’s not because of the high technology. I come from a wealthy family in Iran, a spoiled "rich two generation", when Monroe’s business school had many rich kids like me who lived a carefree life. Now my son goes to school there.

image technology new revolution: AR camera global red


at the beginning of April, Zuckerberg in the F8 developer conference after VR and AR unveiled plans, Facebook plans to build the AR platform through the new camera view environment. Coincidentally, at the end of last year, the U.S. technology blog AppleInsider broke the news, Apple Corp for AR technology will be integrated into the mobile phone camera application; industry focus on AR technology for a time even beyond VR, especially in Facebook, Instagram and so on to the camera for social interaction platform, the AR as a new tool to improve the user experience, therefore AR a vision of social science and technology new battlefield, Internet heavyweights have ready to.

California is the most crowded state of the United States, while Silicon Valley’s decades of brilliant entrepreneurial history has also been built on the hard work of a large number of migrant population. Iran people Saeed · Amidi Saeed Amidi came to Silicon Valley to study, this is for the gilded, but the Iran revolution let him have a home can not go back, in economic pressure, Saeed began his own pioneering trip in Silicon Valley. In the carpet, bottled water, import and export, packaging, real estate and other industries to succeed, Saeed gradually entered the Silicon Valley technology start-ups, plunge into the venture capital field.

my parents have 5 factories in Iran and employ more than 7000 people. My parents sent me here to study. I was planning to go back to Iran and manage their manufacturing business. I didn’t expect to stay in the United States and stay in Silicon Valley. My life, my life track, because of that year’s revolution in Iran, and great changes have taken place.


these two days, a wonderful based on the AR scene, wonderful wonderful people said interactive gameplay attracted attention. This trendy AR social play by the domestic picture of social software in APP scene rendering and real-time dynamic matting technique based on the interaction between and around the user experience finally scenes with the new AR social play, social interaction makes the user experience can be improved. In the near future, with camera as the carrier of the major social platform, AR will become a new battleground to snatch social commanding heights.

in APP is a domestic attempt to AR social play earlier social platform, compared to Facebook such social giants will be late to join. At the F8 developer conference, Zuckerberg launched the Camera Effects Platform camera special

Facebook AR image example

I saw the Iran revolution on TV, but I felt a blank at that time. >


introduction: American Dream American dream is derived from the colonial period in the United States, many Europeans holding a hard work can get a better life, the dream came to this land. In 1931, the American writer James ·, Adams James Adams published the "The America Epic of", a book that made the word widely known.

in Saeed seems, starting from the success of the industry, because of the scientific and technological atmosphere of Silicon Valley and into the field of venture capital, and now more valuable work is to help more people realize entrepreneurial dreams. Faced with the Sina Technology microphone, Saeed tells a Iran man’s "American Dream" at Silicon Valley:

since the rise of the mobile Internet, visual social media gradually replaced the traditional text of social mainstream, more than ten years of global Internet users have experienced from blogging, blogging and writing micro-blog update light light, shorten the tweet, finally to update Instagram and Snapchat, which based on image social way becomes the mainstream. To bring the Internet Visual social era.

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