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Community B2C electricity supplier shopping guide site there

for many consumers, the community B2C electricity supplier shopping guide website does not seem so high commercial value. However, on the other hand, in many people in the industry view, shopping guide electricity supplier areas should have listed companies. In the electricity supplier sector, Jingdong,, and many other latecomers have long been listed in the United States, but almost with the same time shopping online shopping guide derived electronic business platform has not yet been a listed company.

love to kill the electricity supplier and shopping guide

what is worth buying began publishing content for the "consumer guide for the geek lovers, so with a large number of male consumers. And beauty is by the buyers of the aesthetic, has been favored by female consumers.

, but the electricity supplier shopping guide is far more than what is worth buying and beautiful said. Since China’s Internet has Taobao, consumers have learned how to buy online, and around Taobao, there have been countless third party platforms and services. Among them, the electricity supplier shopping guide is probably one of the areas most in love with Taobao killed.

so-called electricity supplier shopping guide, the survival of this industry is through some means of operation, to attract users, and to promote users to the electronic business platform to complete the transaction.

in order to achieve this goal, the mainstream means of operation include two kinds. The first category is related to the price. These platforms provide services such as price comparison, rebate and so on. In the online shopping has just arisen, most online shopping users first demand is "low price"; in addition, the "price fraud" fear and anxiety, but also online shopping users in the hearts of one of the haze. As a result, the "parity", "parity" of such services appear to hit their pain points, such as rebate network, 51 rebate, a scouring net, Hui Hui network.

in the past few years in online shopping users in the "", "beautiful" and other electricity providers shopping guide website, is another category of "content" dominant type of community shopping guide, electricity supplier. What is worth buying IPO, also belong to "content shopping guide electricity supplier" in a kind of. In addition, in recent years have had a greater impact on consumers shopping guide, electricity providers, as well as red books, gifts and other vertical app.

in fact, in the early stages of the development of electricity supplier shopping guide, online shopping users in the price sensitive stage, which also formed a shopping guide platform for electricity providers, more driven by price. With consumer attitudes changing, people are more likely to buy quality goods, so users want more than just "cheaper", "which better" becomes more important.

compares the timing of the different platforms, and concludes with the above points. "Price type" electricity supplier shopping guide platform in behalf of enterprise rebate network was founded in 2006, and the "content type" electricity supplier shopping guide, beautiful said that it was founded in 2009, what is worth buying, was founded in 2010.

"love to kill" this term, used to describe the relationship between Taobao and the electricity supplier shopping guide again

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