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How do community class App do product operation well

community products early success lies not in operation, more important is the promotion, drainage, this step is not good, the operation is also good in vain; the entire product success lies in whether to grasp the demand, there is no demand or market reasons (the industry leader), are very difficult to succeed.

unfamiliar street, Baidu Post Bar, watercress group early is the key to the success of the flow; the poor tour,, said the beautiful, freaky help the key to success is to grasp the demand; community millet, Meizu forum of purpose, function is too strong, not simply as a community.

operation level specific practice way:

1, with the promotion of good content, similar to the landing page, know why users come, and because of what, targeted supplement content, so that users stay a few seconds, you will be more sure;

2, wide invite friends, all right, please help send a post, add content, let promotion attracted users can have content to see. If you simply want new users to post directly without looking at the content, it’s almost wishful thinking;

3, operators are more registered trumpet, if there are user replies or post, immediately follow up, enthusiastic response, so that users feel in your community to communicate and share happiness;

4, the first boot must be done, to encourage users to post, replies, try (remind words, remind the way should pay attention to, do not cause resentment);

5, the establishment of grades, permissions mechanism, so that users can have a short-term in the community to achieve small goals, such as: only three levels can post, not registered, login, unable to post, replies, and so on;

6, give the user a positive response, users can post points, upgrades, corresponding permissions, etc.;

7, the establishment of a number of response dimensions, not only replies to a response dimension, the threshold is too high, to the vast majority of users, you can set the number of points like reading, flowers, attitude (see Lu Songsong’s blog) and so on, reduce the response cost makes it easier for the user table, the corresponding data is controlled by you. Know about thousands of approval, may comment only a few;

8, the establishment of a sound reminder mechanism, this is very important, personal pain, if there is no perfect reminder mechanism, so that users do not receive timely positive response, will make a large number of users drain;

9, there must be a corresponding punishment mechanism, and this combination of the above permissions, points, grades, can not allow individual users to destroy the community atmosphere;

10, the focus of training core users, do not expect every user posting, have become active users, set up a number of positive models, influential users can. Let users influence users;

11, high participation in operations, such as mop, Tianya various online activities, Sina, micro-blog’s topic of operations, small communities can be >

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