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What is the general store selling

although many investors are aware of the adult market is very large, want to invest in cooperation, but even such a store in the end what products are not sold. So, what is the general store selling adult writing? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

1992 years, almost all of the size of the city has emerged in a variety of "adult goods store", also known as "husband and wife health products". Beijing city supplies store has been at least 600 or so. Adam, the first adult health care store in East Asia, has now grown into a large chain store. However, the specific content of the adult supplies store, still wearing a veil of mystery". According to a survey, 73.4% of women aged between 25 and 45, who had never been to an "adult" store, had a "visit" ratio of about 52.6%. In the 52.6%, 83.1% is to buy condoms, only to buy other supplies in the 16.9%.

recently, the reporter in the front door, Beijing South Railway Station, Xidan, Jinsong, Caishikou, a total of five stores in the area of adult supplies unannounced visits to the 8. Unannounced visits to the shocking results: not only expensive, high profits, three noes products, and even more ridiculous is that it has become some people used to curry favor with the leadership of the gift.

adult supplies stores are selling what

reporter unannounced visits found that almost all Adult supplies store the goods are similar, mainly into five categories: Zhuangyang supplies, supplies, equipment, simulation of aphrodisiac contraceptive drugs and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases in a small amount of drugs.

aphrodisiac drugs is almost all of this kind of store, the main product, the name is mostly lethal: "macho capsule", "male does not fall", "wolf one", "Wei elder brother" and so on. There are also many kinds of sprays, capsules, tablets, instruments and so on. Each product has a similar effect: increase, thickening, delay. Different things are different. Because consumers are not aware of each, so the best-selling varieties of different stores are also different, basically rely on the operator to recommend and price decisions. But there is one thing in common: the color is sky blue, and the shape is diamond – the appearance of Viagra (Wan Aike).

is the aphrodisiac activities, dedicated to all kinds of Nothing needed is lacking., female or male use, but also husband and wife combination. And aphrodisiac products, as well as spray, drugs, potions, and other types of equipment. Most of the aphrodisiac activities for women, with lubrication, stimulating function. There is a part of every kind of medicine is basically colorless and tasteless, such as commonly known as the "Spanish fly water" female aphrodisiac potion, it.

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