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Wholesale website must pay attention to what details

as a wholesale website especially domestic wholesale website success, in addition to the price advantage, web service and details also determines the key success of the site, so the site operators must deal with the issue of these details. So what are the main factors affecting the success or failure of the site?

1, supporting services to improve

guestbook, website announcement to contact us these places are wholesalers to communicate with customers, if a website is often concerned about the user, where there is definitely a new content, even there are many websites will take delivery. Write for customer inquiries on the notice board. As Chinese bags are the biggest bag wholesale site — in the packet network almost every day can receive customers online message, the site also opened 400 free calls every day received hundreds of calls, in the packet network service also do a careful answer to each message and call for each customer are satisfied answer.

2, picture style is unified

if a website is true by wholesalers to operate, so he must have the goods, his pictures should most of their own pictures and pictures from the viewfinder, the tone can determine the style is not unified. Very simple, the same person to take pictures, style is basically the same. All the bags on the web site into the bag pictures are all their own shooting, looks natural and cordial. In addition, do not believe the beautiful South Korea with text pictures, the pictures are mostly borrowed, and, from a practical perspective, a busy wholesalers, no time to do the landscaping, a picture if it is his own landscaping to that degree, at least ten minutes, for a a large number of goods, goods in large wholesalers that energy is not worth the cost.

3, the goods have no change

if you want to do a good job in network cooperation, do not rush to cooperate with a website, you can collect this site, pay attention to observe a period of time to see if his overall cargo is changing. Very simple, if the wholesale business is good, the goods are constantly in and out, with the new, there are deleted, because sometimes if the order involves certain models and no goods, it may indicate, or delete pictures and keep advertising. A website if the goods are always changing, then it shows that people are constantly laborious operation. Many wholesale website content is usually immutable, so no new customers, over time, the user will be very serious loss. Into the packet network was established in the past 5 months, a single day shipments exceeded 1400, and the quality of services and the site has a great advantage of the supply of a great relationship.

4, and whether the business portal

a good wholesale website does not exist independently, in the channel for the king of the business community, and should establish a number of channels of cooperation, so as to multi legged walking, compared with the opponent has more advantages. Into the package network and shopex recently launched a joint independent sales site, for 400 thousand shopex>

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