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Facing competition, how can we do a good job of female station

female station for many webmaster, has not strange. There are also a lot of famous women’s websites in China, but there are more women websites. In fact, to do a female website can not be urgent, and have their own ideas, their own characteristics, so as to develop well. Now let me introduce some of my personal experiences to women in love.

first of all, the preliminary analysis: the preliminary analysis is divided into two steps, one is to analyze the market, and two is to analyze the user base.

1. market analysis: Here we will analyze the market potential of women’s websites.

from the point of view of life, women’s money is the best earned. Women love to shop and spend money. Moreover, men want to please women, but also for women to spend money, which shows that women’s money is very profitable market.

from the female network demand, a substantial increase in the female users, more women than men prefer online shopping, the nature of women love talking China, although currently only 21% of the users are women, but the potential number of female users is very large. Moreover, they are mostly women with better economic conditions and higher education. Their demand for the Internet is more rational. Thus, what is the potential of the market?.

then analyzes user groups: there are three groups of users.

1., beauty women, they usually arrive at the latest fashion information, a brand name clothes, bags out of the new. Summer came, afraid of facial skin tanning, how should I maintain, and see what is good for the product?.

2. love woman’s man. Valentine’s day, and want to buy her girlfriend a good gift for her, let her happy. But she does not like what she likes, women really do not understand ah, how to do it? So think of the female network, to see what women like what kind of thing. Then I bought it for my beloved, to make love sweeter or better.

3. a man who is curious about women. Many men don’t understand women, because women are really hard to understand. Women have many secrets who, for an inexperienced or busy career did not come into contact with a woman man, woman’s physiological, psychological and values are very mysterious. There are a lot of questions about women. So I got to know a lot of curiosity, and the more I looked, the more beautiful I felt, just like detective stories. Don’t laugh, that’s true, because it’s an uncharted territory for him, and it’s going to take a lot of time to focus on the web.

these 3 user groups, beauty women website user body, these MM will be interested in all the things on the site, is the site’s long-term users, loyal fans. Want to let them produce on the website consumption, must make the user experience is very good, because women are careful and prudent, and will be very understanding before buying. A man who loves women seldom comes. But as soon as possible, it will be the best thing to do. It’s the best traffic for CPA projects. Also, for women >

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